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26bd014cebd9abab9dffb48cc3f2f96dGreetings, Beautiful Citizens of the Cosmos!!!

If you were kind enough to nominate my second novel of the Moksha Trilogy – Krishna’s Counsel – on Kindle Scout, by now you should know we did not make it – not enough nominations, phooey. Never mind, we tried, and you did more than your bit with that valuable click. Also, we got 900 views, which is amazing! If you want to know more, read the post I just sent out.

Well, the good news is that we’ve uploaded Krishna’s Counsel on Amazon Kindle and its now available as a pre-order – if you want to order it, please follow this link – http://getbook.at/KcOnAmzn. The book will be auto-delivered to your Kindles on Sep 3rd.

Alternatively, you can follow this link and pre-order from an e-book store that you like – https://books2read.com/miraprabhu-kc

bffcc5a3c2be3173440e47d1156ec919If you do read Krishna’s Counsel, I would so enjoy your comments. Sending you a powerful virtual hug for all the inspiration, kindness and love you sent my way during this not-so-easy process!! And, as always, greetings from Arunachala, the sacred hill whose potent energy helps us destroy all that blocks us from knowing that we are the LIGHT!!


I am no coward, O Krishna,” Arjuna muttered in despair…

14138969_521298861409469_33203630_oAlmost twenty years ago, my Manhattan-based literary agent planted in my consciousness the seed of a contemporary novel—and so began to flower the saga of a brilliant and rebellious Indian girl who grows up in 60s south India, and, against all odds, metamorphoses into a Spiritual Warrior when she is forced to go into mortal combat against a ruthless serial killer.

I wrote Krishna’s Counsel in bits and pieces as I traversed the globe, seeking the perfect womb within which to complete my creative and spiritual work. I put the seal on this second novel in the shadow of the sacred hill Arunachala, symbol of the pure consciousness which is the substratum of our true nature.

Thanks to our impulsive foray into Kindle Scout, you have all heard way too much about this “Mystical Novel of Obsession & Illumination”; if I had the sorcery to turn back the clock, I might have done things differently—and yet, as Lord Krishna himself might inform us with a twinkle in his divine eye, nothing is an accident and all events have far deeper purpose than we can conceive of at the time they happen.

Anyway, Krishna’s Counsel is finally making her international debut…and except for the print edition (POD) which will become available on Amazon.com on SEPTEMBER 3, 2016, all the e-book versions are ready for pre-order. Oh, and for those of you who enjoyed my first novel, Whip of the Wild God: A Novel of Tantra in Ancient India, or would like to read it now, please know that I decided to give her a final polish…and now Whip too is frolicking out in this mad, mad world, garbed in resplendent attire.

14123512_521491614723527_1837894371_o (1)My dream to create THE MOKSHA TRILOGY (three novels with a common theme of enlightenment or moksha) is now two-thirds complete—and for this miracle, I owe much to several beta readers, editors, a host of well-wishers, and to one who wishes to remain anonymous, but without whose constant aid I could not do what I do.

Mishi Bellamy, a brilliant artist and delightful friend, has designed all three covers for the Moksha Trilogy and, yes, they are exquisite! https://miraprabhu.wordpress.com/2014/11/16/a-trilogy-of-light-mishi-bellamy-artiste-extraordinaire/…

Another friend, Atul Mehta, has enthusiastically converted quotes from Krishna’s Counsel into lovely memes….please enjoy the first few of many!

Here are some links I hope you will look into:

Krishna’s Counsel on Amazon.com – getbook.at/KcOnAmzn

Krishna’s Counsel on all eBook stores – books2read.com/miraprabhu-kc

Whip of the Wild God on Amazon.com – getbook.at/WwgOnAmzn

Whip of the Wild God on all eBook stores – books2read.com/miraprabhu-wwg

www.facebook.com/mira.prabhu (personal page)

www.facebook.com/MiraPrabhuWhipOfTheWildGodEtcetera (creative work)

And my blog for lovers of eastern philosophy: miraprabhu.wordpress.com


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Piece By Piece (For All Those Who Struggle)

Read this…Richard Ankers describes briefly but oh so vividly a man contemplating suicide…which reminds me of what a psychiatrist friend told me long ago in DC – that every human, at some point or another, considers ending it all…and that contemplating this final act (of revenge against life and living) is not uncommon. His words shocked me at the time, but today I believe pain and angst have a brilliant function….which is to make us even more alive – IF we don’t succumb to that deadly dark inner voice that pushes us towards self-destruction. No, we are not alone in our darkest urges. Indeed, our number is legion. Thank you, Richard Ankers, and Wallace Peach for leading me to your work…

Richard M. Ankers

Piece By Piece (For All Those Who Struggle)

I hang over the barrier staring at the white-tipped water so far below. Whether capped in froth or an army of gulls who flex their wings upon it, the muddied waters rage towards the sea. The whole experience gives me vertigo; I don’t like heights, never have. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t even approach the flimsy, caged divide between an obliterating fall and the bridge I stand on, but today is not one of those days.

My stomach has dropped away to be replaced by a granite rock. The thing churns because it knows what I contemplate — jump says the voice, jump — and I might. As The updrafts chill my face and a car speeds from left to right leaving another knot twisting in my gut, I want to do it. I so want to do it. Just to see how it…

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Roadmap to enlightenment: a (fairly) comprehensive guide to spiritual practices

I confess I did not read this whole article due to a time crunch, and also because I am more than satisfied with Ramana Maharshi’s Direct Path of Atma-Vichara, and this phase of my life is meant for intense practice…but I did read enough to want to share this with all of you. There are so many humans on our planet right now craving a sure path to freedom (‘moksha’ (Sanskrit) is defined by Ramana as freedom from the desire and fear that plagues every one of us and blocks us from knowing that we are the radiant Self) – and so many false teachings and gurus. At the very outset, we need to create some sort of blueprint of what we are getting into here, for the path to the Spiritual Heart can be narrow and thorny if we do not properly arm ourselves for the inward journey. This is really why I am reblogging Tom Das’s thoughtful and caring post….because we are all on different levels of consciousness/seeking and some of us need solid guidance. Once the inner guru awakens with a roar, of course, all manner of blessings shower upon us and we flower like the Cosmic Lotus that is our own Self….thanks, Tom Das, and thank you “Nothing” for guiding me here….Om Arunachala!

Tom Das

This is one of the most important posts I have written – it condenses years of spiritual seeking which has involved exploring dozens of spiritual teachings, reading hundreds of books and texts from spiritual teachers and spiritual traditions across the world, undergoing all sorts of spiritual practices and meditations over the years, entering samadhi’s and experiencing visions of infinite oneness, and a genuine realisation of the Freedom-that-already-is.

The aim of the post is to guide you to a Freedom beyond words, but also stay concise. For all those people who have asked me: ‘That’s all very well but how do I actually become enlightened? How can we free ourselves from suffering? What do we do?’, this is for you, and others like you.

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Smorgasbord Health – Middle-Age Spread..Not always down to what you eat!

Sally Cronin speaks here on a subject that most women (especially those past middle-age) consider vitally important…contrary to what some might think, it is not just what we eat that makes us heavy or sluggish…stress and other emotional factors weigh in too…and if we are not looking at the Whole Picture, then we are doing ourselves a great disservice. Without a healthy body, it is far from easy to give of our best, and everyone suffers, not just us….thanks for a great post, Sally!

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

smorgasbord healthI know that the mantra is supposed to be ‘love your body whatever its shape‘ and people ‘tut, tut’ when you complain about your various bits and pieces that seem to distort your image…… but you know what….it can be a real pain at times. It is particularly frustrating when you are doing everything right.. eating, exercising, drinking plenty of green tea and only having one digestive with your coffee!!


This is me 22 years ago at age 41 on holiday in America and weighing in at 300 lbs. I would go on to add another 30lbs over the next few months until I was size 32. To put things into perspective… I am 5ft 11inches so the overall impression was huge.  Along with this excess weight came several health problems which led to me studying not just nutrition but also a deep interest in psychology and anatomy.  I…

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Thoughts Change But Not You ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

One of the most moving of the thousands of stories told about Ramana Maharshi’s wisdom (for me) is his encounter with Ganapati Muni, a great scholar whose learning had not led him to the peace he craved…Ramana broke his silence to tell Ganapati that he must return to the root of his thinking and that then peace would come. He was guiding the Muni to his Self, which is the blissful substratum of all that is manifest, and that, for me, is the ultimate answer to all the suffering we experience in the relative realm. My own deeper quest took off when I encountered what is known as the Two Great Truths: https://miraprabhu.wordpress.com/…/two-great-truths-absolu…/ In truth, as long as we are attached to mind and body, we must deal with the relative realm, but simultaneously be aware that below the changing realm of the relative lies the unchanging and blissful Infinite that Ramana Maharshi and other great sages constantly pointed us toward…thank you for a great post, Harsh Luthar!


Thoughts change but not you
Photo art from John Wassenberg’s fb page.

Sri Ramana Maharshi says in Talk 524 (Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi), “You must exist in order that you may think. You may think these thoughts or other thoughts. The thoughts change but not you. Let go the passing thoughts and hold on to the unchanging Self. The thoughts form your bondage. If they are given up, there is release. The bondage is not external.”

Devotee says: But it is not easy to remain without thinking.

Sri Ramana replies: You need not cease thinking. Only think of the root of the thoughts; seek it and find it. The Self shines by itself. When that is found the thoughts cease of their own accord. That is freedom from bondage (Talk 524).

Bhagavan Ramana teaches that any thing that appears and disappears is not you. That which remains always, is you. The Advaitic system…

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6 Stages of the Healing Process

Right this moment, on our planet, tens of thousands of humans are going through some big trauma/crisis or the other…perhaps millions…if we allow the pain to settle into our cells, blood and bones, then we get sick. And when we get sick, the bad energy on the planet gets worse…so to get well is not just something we must do for ourselves, but for the collective. Here are the 6 stages of healing…I would use a list like this just as a blueprint, and then work out my own personal healing strategy. In fact at a time in my life when I really needed to heal, big-time, I used multiple strategies simultaneously, different ones for body, mind and Spirit….so good luck and be well!!! Thank you for sharing this, ALK3R!


“Part of the healing process is sharing with other people who care.” ~ Jerry Cantrell

In times of difficulties, when our vulnerabilities and anxieties start to surface, there is a tendency for us to become fixed – unable to move forward into a better existence.

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Meet Guest Author Kendra Namednil…

I’m reblogging this because Kendra Namednil’s saga of how she came to write seriously, and thereby to heal, moved me. My own story is similar, although the details are different. Gauging from Kendra’s allusions to abuse, I am sure I experienced very little of what she endured, but what struck me most is how powerful a tool it is to spill all our pain – if not to a listening and warm human, at least on to the page…and then, who knows? I keep meeting folks who think they have to bottle up their pain…and its tragic to see how tied up in knots they are….there really is nothing under the sun that we humans have not experienced, at some point or another…so if we really want to be happy and free, we have to dump the inner toxins and move ahead as lightly as the angels we truly are….good luck, Kendra, and thanks for sharing this, Chris Graham!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

SAM 02Hi!  I’m Kendra Namednil, and I’d love to tell you all about Borehole Bazaar, which is a book I’ve written.  Trick is, I’ve already described the book to an exhaustive degree in a great number of other places (Goodreads, InkShares, Facebook, etc.).

So today, I’m going to offer something different.  For the sake of confidentiality and because I am not about to drag anyone, in any way, through the mud, I’m leaving a whole lot of details vague.  If you guess things based on these details, you are incorrect, even if you’re right.

Borehole Bazaar is, thematically, about abuse.  The following are the reasons I personally chose to write about the topic, followed by some of my literary inspirations.

About three, maybe four years ago, I started to have a meltdown.  It was a long time coming, and it manifested in swift mood swings at work as what I…

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Phooey, Krishna’s Counsel did not make it on Kindle Scout…

e05d99937b7550f45e8df68f343bbc7eYes, just got the message and it was a no-no.

Looking back on the past five weeks, it was so strange the way this all happened…Melissa Bowersock, a writer herself as well as a great supporter of indie authors, suggested I put Krishna’s Counsel on Kindle Scout.

I discussed the idea with the amazing friend who helps me with all my creative work and we decided to give it a shot. Why? Mainly because neither of us cares for self-promo, and, like it or not, promo is largely what indie publishing is about, at least once you have written your magnum opus. So we both worked hard and fast and uploaded Krishna’s Counsel; within hours we were accepted into the program, which was reassuring. It was the efforts we had to put in after that initial high which pretty much sucked, at least for me. Continue reading

Review: “Words We Carry” by D.G.Kaye

“I have been a great critic of myself for most of my life, and I was darned good at it, deflating my own ego without the help of anyone else.” D.G. Kaye writes on a subject that all humans should investigate…the critical issue of self-esteem. Amazing how many times I will meet someone I think is great and simultaneously realize how little they think of themselves – and almost always for the wrong reasons! Thanks, Christopher Fischer, for sharing this with us!



The Blurb:

“I have been a great critic of myself for most of my life, and I was darned good at it, deflating my own ego without the help of anyone else.”

What do our shopping habits, high-heeled shoes, and big hair have to do with how we perceive ourselves? Do the slights we endured when we were young affect how we choose our relationships now?
D.G. takes us on a journey, unlocking the hurts of the past by identifying situations that hindered her own self-esteem. Her anecdotes and confessions demonstrate how the hurtful events in our lives linger and set the tone for how we value our own self-worth.
Words We Carry is a raw, personal accounting of how the author overcame the demons of low self-esteem with the determination to learn to love herself.

My Review:

I am amazed to find myself having so much in common with…

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