Do Not Be Serious About Anything!


9a777a0771ebcfae58de22014c1fa031-1During my stay at a beautiful Ashram in America long years ago, I was consumed with worry about my future. You see, I had jumped out of the mainstream by quitting a great  job in Manhattan, sold my lovely apartment, left good friends behind, and landed in the Himalayas without a parachute in the middle of a grueling winter. From there, still restless and seeking, I had moved around in both East and West, on a quest for that perfect refuge where I could focus on my creative and spiritual goals. But nothing seemed to work out and by now I was truly sunk in misery.

A friend saw my sad face; impulsively, she tore a page out of the book she was reading and handed it to me. The title said: Do Not Be Serious About Anything: it was a message from the guru of that Ashram, who advised his students not to take mundane life too seriously, but instead to dive beneath the surface and find the constant peace and joy that is our true nature.

The message begins like this: “We cannot really save the world. We cannot even destroy the world. It is not in our hands. If that Supreme Power wanted to save the world, it wouldn’t even take a second. All of us could be saints and sages overnight. Instead the Divine is allowing us to be a little ignorant. That is His fun. But we forget this and take life too seriously.” Continue reading

The Crying Forest

French street artist and photographer Philippe Echaroux is bringing to light the impact of deforestation on the Amazonian Paiter Surui tribe. In a project, entitled ‘The Crying Forest’, Philippe Echaroux captured portraits of the indigenous tribe of western Brazil and projected them on to trees in their native land. Thanks for this wonderful share, Adele Ulnais!

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The Crying Forest exhibition puts Amazon deforestation under the spotlight

The Crying Forest

French street artist and photographer Philippe Echaroux is bringing to light the impact of deforestation on the Amazonian Paiter Surui tribe.

The Crying Forest

In a project, entitled ‘The Crying Forest’, Philippe  Echaroux captured portraits of the indigenous tribe of western Brazil and projected them on to trees in their native land.
The Crying Forest
Photographs from ‘The Crying Forest’ are currently on display at the Galerie Taglialatella in Paris, until 15 December.

Philippe Echaroux visited the Paiter Surui tribe earlier this year, where he photographed the indigenous natives for his project. The artist and photographer then created an installation by enlarging and projecting the images over Amazonian trees in the Surui area.

The Crying Forest

The Paiter Surui tribe currently numbers around 1,300 people. Through his art, Echaroux is raising awareness of the dangers of deforestation and the impact on the tribe and their lives.

Almir Narayamoga Surui, the…

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Grief at Christmas: How about just being Human?

Being human…sometimes hard to cry when we are pressured into putting on those great smiles and joining others in celebrating major holidays. I’m weird in that I never ever enjoyed these holidays…perhaps as a child, for the special treats and gifts,..but not as an adult. I prefer to feel the way I’m feeling regardless of an event. And Jannie Styles points us that we should allow ourselves to feel all our feelings no matter what the occasion…and I second her! That said, happy happy end of year to you all!



Every time a special occasion is pending, a certain birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or another Christmas, I get a feeling in the pit of my stomach about how I will handle it without those loved ones who have already passed on. Christmas is one of the toughest times of year for many of us living with invisible illnesses whether they be mental, emotional or physical.

One of the first feelings to follow that awful “boot to the stomach sensation” is a sense of, well, I guess it is called “shame.” Shame that I can’t just buck up and join in, shame that I need to take time out to have a little cry in the bathroom, shame that while everyone is toasting and cheering and jollying along I fight back the tears and an urge to flee all things overwhelmingly festive.

Why should we be ashamed of having any…

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Whip of the Wild God (A Novel of Tantra in Ancient India) by Mira Prabhu

The whip, which the wild God of the ancient Indus civilization sometimes snaps to redirect regressing spiritual practitioners, is the body of painful consequences born from our intents and actions …

Source: Whip of the Wild God (A Novel of Tantra in Ancient India) by Mira Prabhu

Faith and Grace

This is so beautiful….and true…I have come to realize how much we are helped – both by visible and invisible forces – once we surrender to our own Highest Self. Faith the size of a mustard seed is enough…it grows, yes, it grows, and can carry us all the way. Thanks, Harsh Luthar!


Photo art from Eden Kailash Facebook Page

Without faith one can never jump into the arms of the Divine Beloved.

We do not have enough personal strength to go into the unknown.

The personal identity cannot step into the unknown without faith.

To allow that final surrender to the Divine to take place is called Grace.

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It Is Just You!

Yes, the Self or Grace is always with us; this morning I used this teaching to buck myself up…and move forward. Thanks, Harsh!


Sri Ramana used to say that the Eternal Divine nature cannot be present at one time and absent at another.

So we must become aware of our Self in this present moment. I

t is only in the present that the Self is Realized.

That is because the very nature of the Self is Pure Presence.

It is Pure Being.

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Life in Mongolia’s Impoverished Suburbs (Red Hero 3)

Life in Mongolia….so important to widen our view of the world…thanks for sharing, Alk3r!


Red Hero 3: Paul Cox Captures Life In Mongolia's Impoverished Suburbs

Paul Cox is an professional photographer who was born in Zimbabwe in 1968, moved to the UK in 1988, and currently lives and works in Hong Kong.

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Whimsical Storybook Beasts and Birds Illustrated

Wow wow wow…whimsical storybook beasts and birds…thank you Alk3r!



Barcelona-based illustrator Vorja Sánchez depicts comically surreal storybook creatures that look like a cross between mutant dinosaurs and shadowy demons — but also captures the very lifelike spirit of birds and other animals.

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Incredible Fungi Timelapse from Planet Earth II

Incredible Fungi…shot in timelapse from Planet Earth…and truly mindblowing…thanks Alk3r!



This stunning timelapse footage from the new Planet Earth II series on BBC One captures a wide variety of unusual fungi as it blooms at night.

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