Book Review – Whip of the Wild God by Mira Prabhu

Sally Cronin’s review of Whip of the Wild God (Mira Prabhu)! Take a look at her excellent blog…truly a Smorgasbord of delights…thank you Sally, for being such a terrific support to all of us indie writers – Om!

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

I love books and will often write a review on Amazon or other book site when possible. I don’t see myself as a book reviewer as such as I have my taste in both fiction and non-fiction and I only tend to read books that I know I am going to enjoy.

However, here is a review of a book by a future guest as a prequel if you like.  I hope that I do it justice.

whip of the wild god

Unless you are living in an isolated island without the benefit of outside communication you will be quite aware of the frantic pace of modern life and the violence against man and nature that seems to be unrelenting. However, as they say ‘there is nothing new in history!’

Mira Prabhu takes us back to ancient India where life and times are both turbulent and harsh where we meet a young girl called Ishvari…

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