Krishna’s Counsel (2016)


Cover Art by Mishi Bellamy

Krishna’s Counsel sweeps you back to sleepy south India in the 1960s, right into the tumultuous life of Pia, a rebellious and brilliant teenager whose world disintegrates under the brutal sword-thrust of an eerie death. It is the loving gift of a magnificent view of eastern philosophy—particularly a poignant scene in the Bhagavad Gita: when Lord Krishna advises the quailing warrior Prince Arjuna to pick up his great bow Gandiva and rout the corrupt foe regardless of the consequences—that saves Pia from certain self-destruction.

Many years later, now a gorgeous woman living in frenetic New York City, Pia is tracked down and coaxed to return to India to deal with an insistent throng of old ghosts. Then horror strikes again, and she is compelled by supernatural agents to heed the timeless advice of Lord Krishna as she finds herself on the trail of a charming psychopath who will stop at nothing to kill her….

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Here are some recent reviews:

Mira Prabhu’s intriguing new novel, Krishna’s Counsel, weaves the threads of India’s rich cultural fabric into an effervescent and enlightening saga that begins with a dramatic bang in New York City. Years later, Pia is drawn back to her ancient homeland of paradox and contradiction. Here, among other things, she is forced to re-examine her animosity to India’s caste and class system even as she deepens her investigation into the liberating precepts of Eastern Philosophy. Pia soon becomes embroiled in a hair-raising battle between the primal forces of good and evil—and this sumptuous tale concludes in a shattering climax you won’t want to miss!

~Diane Moss, Editor

Krishna’s Counsel is the second in a three-part saga which began with Whip of The Wild God, a drama classic played out in ancient India. It is the story of Pia, a modern young woman seeking her ‘dharma’ in her beloved India and later in Manhattan. Pia’s Uncle Hari tells her much about her homeland’s rich heritage and she discovers much on her own—so that a living continuity is established between ancient and modern, revealing a timeless yet changing world. Like Whip of the Wild God, this second novel is edge-of-your-seat thrilling, its colorful characters brilliantly drawn, and one is taken on a journey of life lived to its fullest. Mira Prabhu is a great writer, not just very good, and this is another classic.

~Joneve McCormick, Poet & Editor

Mira Prabhu’s first novel Whip of the Wild God depicts a vibrant society set in the times of Indus River civilization while Krishna’s Counsel is set in the contemporary milieu of India and America. Krishna’s Counsel is superbly narrated and Mira writes with a magical flair that serves as the ‘skin to the feelings and emotions’ of her characters. Undercurrents of mysticism invest the novel with what John Crowe Ransom, the father of New Criticism, calls a ‘miracle of equilibrium’ or the ‘soul’ of a work of art, for an interplay of emotions radiates as an ingrained spiritual consciousness guides and goads Pia onward when the forces of evil threaten to destroy her. The notes of this beautiful story linger on in my memory like musical chords—and this, according to E.M. Forster, is the test of merit of all great classics.

~Dr. Mahender P. Azad, Former Dean, School of Arts, Media and Education, Indus International University, India 

Krishna’s Counsel is an extraordinary saga that begins with the coming-of-age of Pia in 60’s southern India. Pia’s development is driven by a radical intelligence, audacity and a hunger to grasp the meaning of tragic events that splinter her early life; her yearning grows for what sages claim is the goal of our existence: an intensely alive cosmic connection. In Manhattan, Pia is driven by painful circumstances into the treacherous embrace of narcotics. Breaking free of these fetters, Pia returns to India to resume her quest for peace; instead a demon materializes in the form of a charismatic killer—and her sole weapon against him is the sword of her spiritual understanding! This novel is more than just a rollicking good read with polished prose and sharp insights into the human psyche. It is a scintillating delight for those appreciative of the writer’s art, indeed a spiritual poem of a high order. Mira Prabhu has honed the scribe’s craft and her work is bestrewn with spiritual gems—so if there is one novel you read this year, make it Krishna’s Counsel!

~Paul Owen Lennon, Writer 

This is a magnificent novel that can be read on many different levels. Through the lens of Pia Shenoy, we are thrust aboard a journey that not only deals with the struggles of earthly existence but which is also rich in supernatural insights. What is one’s ultimate purpose? Is the suffering and injustice we see in our world a reason to turn bitter, or is it motivation to help others loosen the chains of their existence as we un-tie our own? Mira Prabhu spins a magnificent tapestry of characters and settings that challenge a reader to really absorb not just a great story, but the timeless teachings of Eastern Philosophy. Krishna’s Counsel is brimful of nourishing substance in an age when we need it most—there are no empty calories here!

~Michael Safran, Contemporary Artist/Natural Interpreter

Congratulations on creating yet another terrific enlightenment saga, Mira! Krishna’s Counsel is lyrical, exciting, spiritually rich and eminently readable and Mira Prabhu is a born Tusi Tala, a teller of tales—which is what the natives of the Pacific Islands called Robert Louis Stevenson!

~Manohar Prabhu, Poet/Writer/Musician

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