mp-sepiaI was born in India and moved to New York in my mid-twenties. It was during my tumultuous residence in Manhattan that I first became fascinated by eastern philosophy’s power to transform the genuine seeker.So, during the freezing winter of 1993, I began to write Whip of the Wild God, a novel of tantra set in an ancient civilization reminiscent of India’s famous Indus Valley Civilization. I completed this novel–believe it or not!–twenty years later, in the shadow of Arunachala, the ancient hill considered by millions to be the God Shiva incarnate.

about-pageThree more novels are currently simmering in my consciousness–Copper Moon Over Pataliputra, set in the time of the magnificent Mauryan Empire (300 BCE, India); Krishna’s Counsel, a contemporary novel (the genre: metaphysical crime fiction!), set both in India and New York, and a third, untitled, in which I intend to present the spiritual “view” necessary for seeking moksha, or enlightenment–a unique and perhaps controversial view I have garnered from my travels and study all across the globe–from south India to Manhattan, to the foothills of the Himalayas, Europe, and finally back to south India.

I now live in the deep south of India, hanging out with my divine canines, Kali and Aghori, delighting in my growing garden, and continuing to mine my own creative and spiritual potential.

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  1. OMG Meera!! This is truly AUSPICIOUS. I just found out about your completion of your Book, “Whip of the Wild GOD”…This is so you to write such a fabulous Title LOL!! I am buying it first of this coming month (June) for sure and cannot wait to find the gems within your writings. I am sincerely HAPPY to hear of your divine creation. May the divine mother continue to BLESS all the goodness within you to surface so that you continue to create and share this in our World. I LOVE your articles in this Blog by the way. Truly fulfilling and insightful. I will email you soon. PEACE & BIG HUGS!! Sarah

  2. Mira~ I just purchased a hard copy of your book and trust it will arrive by this weekend to enjoy reading such a masterful endeavor and I am happy in my heart we are connected via LinkedIn and on Making Sex Sacred.
    You may want to consider posting on Soul Tantriks as well.
    In Light and Love,

  3. Keep writing Mira – express the Divine Intelligence that is Dancing like the Serpent in you. Looking foward to meeting you in the abode of the Wild One, Arunachala. Komathy.

    • Such a sweet message, Komathy — and obviously the Wild One is dancing in you too — or you would not recognize me as a kalyanamitra…going to walk full moon pradakshina around Arunachala right now….love!

      On Fri, Oct 18, 2013 at 10:34 AM, mira prabhu

  4. Yes, you should visit Tiru some day — Kali and Aghori are nuts about humans — they will be all over you, full of love. Aghori can be a little demon, a big demon, and get pretty aggressive (with Kali mostly) but Kali is Pure Love. I call her Kali Devi — the Black Goddess. Love!

  5. Bruce, you are one of God’s naturally sweet men…thank you! Yes, I will keep sharing because otherwise i think i would burst…so much to express…and so grateful for folks like you who actually want to read what I write…much love always!

  6. So great to discover you Mira! Do you live in Tiruvannamalai? (sorry don’t mean to be nosy!) But Arunachala and the Maharshi have had such a big influence on me..that I couldn’t resist asking. Best wishes, Anjali

    • Hi Anjali — just “followed” your blog…loved your haiku. Nosy? Never! Yes, I have settled here in Tiru….even built my own home…dogs, garden, etc….lots of posts about this. And where do you live? Om Arunachala and lots of love…

      • Thanks for the follow Mira! Oh lucky you – living in Arunachala, it’s my dream to do that one day. At the mo I’m in London and very actively involved in the Ramana Foundation in London. Love, Bhagvan in you..xx

      • Thank you so much for the follow Mira! Am retyping my response as I think, for some reason, it didn’t get posted. You are so lucky and blessed to be able to live in Tiru. I hope one day I will be able to, as well. At the moment I live in London and am very active in the Ramana Foundation here in London. I hope I will be able to visit soon and when I do, I would live to meet you!

      • Anjali, one day you will be back here in Tiru I know…at Arunachala’s whim and fancy of course…we are all His. Stay close and if you do come down, please let me know. Would love to hang out. Om!

  7. A pleasure to meet a fellow blogger who is also passionate about writing. Your book titles and subject matter sound enticing…and your worldly travel experience will certainly add an authentic flare to your writing. Best wishes!

    • Thank you for your wonderful words, Beverly (I hope that’s your name!). If you do happen to read Whip of the Wild God, would love feedback. And all the very best to you on your work too – its terrific when writers support each other. Om!

  8. Hallo Mira… i liked your writings – the blog i mean. I would get your book and the other two books you are working on – the titles are fascinating. keep up the good work. Vaidehi

    • Thanks so much, Vaidehi – love your name – never heard it before – what does it mean? Yes, you might enjoy Whip – and Krishna’s Counsel will be out soon, Copper Moon hopefully by end of year. Would love feedback. Om!

  9. that’s very quick mira. Vaidehi is fairly common in South Indian Tamil Iyengars. Sita – was called Vaidehi – Videh Putri vaidehi. Another one which I made up myself is Vai+Dehi…without a body which is the Soul. And truly so..I am searching and seeking to get there.

    Shall keep in touch. love and blessings.

  10. I live in Dubai with my husband. I keep coming to Coimbatore where we have a small house and I go to Isha Ashram – I am initiated into spiritual practices by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. I had a spiritual awakening ( I don’t know if I can call that but some kind of light within me) and ever since I realised the real Guru is within me who takes this body where it needs to learn or unlearn / go through certain experiences – putting on tests and I stand as a witness simply looking at them. I will surely come to your place sometime – i had always wanted to come to Thiruvannamalai – now you are another reason for me. Love and Bliss.

  11. I’m impressed, I must say. Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and interesting, and without a doubt, you have hit the nail on the head. The issue is something which not enough folks are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy I came across this in my search for something relating to this.

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