Copper Moon Over Pataliputra (2017) !


Cover Art by Mishi Bellamy

Against the dazzling epochal backdrop of the Mauryan Empire in ancient India, celebrated for its liberal, humanist and free-thinking traditions, a gripping saga of love, betrayal, hatred and magical transformation sinuously weaves itself. Copper Moon relates the fascinating tale of Odati, daughter of Emperor Ashoka by stunning Urvashi, a Kalingan devadasi. When a great horror strikes, and Odati’s tender young life hangs in the balance, it is the Egyptian Kahotep, Grand Eunuch of Maurya, who risks his own life to spirit her to safety. Within his protective embrace, Odati disguises herself as Amunet and gradually grows into a singer whose angelic skill enchants the elite of Pataliputra. And yet, beneath her lovely façade lurks a cunning assassin waiting for the perfect opportunity to inflict hellish suffering on the man who drove her into the abyss of hell. Impervious to the luminous teachings of Gautama Buddha and other great sages, Odati relentlessly pursues her diabolic quest for revenge. Then, in another bizarre twist of fate, her evil is discovered and she is once again forced to flee for her life. It is now that the jewel-like wisdom she has so fiercely resisted begins to open the reluctant petals of her heart.

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Here are some recent reviews:

A sublime, eloquent and gripping read. I loved the way the story unfolded, the slow but steady transformation of the main characters and the inspiring teachings of the Buddha that run like a golden thread all through the narrative. The beauty, the horror, the hard and twisted vengeful human heart and the compassionate soft surrender of deep suffering and recognition. The message was well received and will stay with me. Thank you Mira!

~Sebastian Fisher, Artist

Whew! I picked up this novel last evening and couldn’t stop until 2 am! Profoundly inspiring and insightful, especially about the karmic pendulum always swinging back. And I just love the Buddha’s quotes at the beginning of each chapter. It never fails to amaze me how Mira is able to tell a spellbinding story in such great detail, as well as subtly get a spiritual messages across, all in one stroke! It’s magic, that’s what it is!

~Prema Achu, Lawyer and Lecturer

Brilliant and riveting! What to say except that you should definitely read this novel, especially if you love the richness of ancient India and the mystical teachings on transformation?

~Art Noble, Writer

Mira Prabhu’s final novel in the Moksha Trilogy (after Whip of the Wild God and Krishna’s Counsel) deserves enthusiastic appreciation, especially for its touching portrayal of the complex character of ancient India’s most charismatic Emperor, Ashoka the Great. In Poetics, Aristotle says that a story without plot is a body without a soul, and with her trilogy, Mira Prabhu establishes herself as a superb story teller who infuses her work with soul. Copper Moon is a compelling tale of greed, violence, retaliation and the deep scars left by these acts on the human psyche; it is the mesmerizing account of the wounded human soul seeking freedom via the eternal principles of love, compassion, forgiveness, and mystical insights into the meaning of life. Its central theme is catharsis. Yes, this novel lingers on in memory like rippling waves.

~Dr. Mahender P. Azad, Ph.D.

I loved Copper Moon. I focused on it like a laser beam and savored every word. It was like going into a secret world where I knew everyone’s secrets. Once I started it, I would read until my eyes hurt. Then I would rest and start again! It has begun to effect my dreams too…this is how powerful it is, and I am delighted. Thank you, Mira Prabhu!

~Lynn Palmer (Shaman & Reiki Master)

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