Whip of the Wild God (2013)

Cover Art by Mishi Bellamy

Whip of the Wild God is an epic novel set in a time reminiscent of the Indus Valley Civilization. The “Wild God” is Rudra, precursor to the great God Shiva, while “whip” refers to the suffering inflicted by this paradoxical deity on gifted souls who stray into sensual and ethical weaknesses arising from primal ignorance. As this saga ingeniously reveals, it is intense suffering that dissolves the ego, even as it unfurls the petals of the spiritual heart-leading the seeker to the undying bliss of theSelf.

The novel’s protagonist is Ishvari, an angry and spirited girl plucked out of abject rural poverty on the advice of a royal astrologer. Meticulously groomed by venerable tantric monks, Ishvari is sent to serve as spiritual consort to a powerful but corrupt monarch. Narrated in vivid cinematic style, Ishvari’s tumultuous journey-from terrified peasant to High Tantrika of the sacred city of Melukhha in the year 1839 BCE-spins the reader through a gripping tale into which yogic, tantric and other high teachings are brilliantly woven. Altogether a magnificent work of visionary fiction you will find impossible to put down!

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Here are some recent reviews:

I have read every word and absolutely loved it! Ishvari is a compelling protagonist who I really “felt” as I read of her incredible adventures and personal journey….all of the yoga, tantra and higher teachings are so well presented and woven into the plot. I couldn’t put the book down. I worked in book publishing for seventeen years, at major houses where we published many historical novels, and this is among the best I’ve read….after the first fifty pages, I realized that this is a book that gives me that tingling spine.

~Jo Sgammato, New York Times bestselling author; General Manager of the Integral Yoga Institute of New York

Whip of the Wild God is a magical novel, an exquisite work that lacks nothing, a wild ride into ancient India—enriching, heartening and inspiring. Richly sprinkled with spiritual gems, this is a lyrical saga which throws a clear light on the ancient practices of yoga, tantra and atma vichara (Self-investigation). And yet it will also drag you through the depths of despair, force you to confront your own darkness, enrage you with the heartless cruelty of man and the bitter fight for survival—then drench out the flames with love, truth and mercy. God, how I love this book!

~Jen Wilson, language teacher and yogini

Mira Prabhu, artist/storyteller par excellence, plays on heartstrings, taking a reader through a profound primal experience reminiscent of the undying classics; yet this work is new and unique. Nothing is left out; one can experience life from full fall to transfiguration. It is a ‘mover and shaker’ read, a Great Book, one of the best I’ve ever read, and it will make a fantastic motion picture.

~Joneve McCormick, creative writing guru, poet and writer

Imagine my delight to find Whip of the Wild God to be both a page-turning adventure as well as a book of profound spiritual wisdom! I savored every single page—the craft of the writing and the author’s depth of understanding—and yet I couldn’t wait to get to the next page. Mira Prabhu has produced a rare gem!

~Swami Asokananda, President, Integral Yoga Institute of New York

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13 thoughts on “Whip of the Wild God (2013)

  1. This is one of those unique and wonderful books that completely take you into the heart of the tale. A skilful narrative style-, pure lyricism. If not for my daily commitments I would have read it in one long stretch. Mira’s evocative prose is rich with imagery.. reminiscent of some of those great Latin American writers of the surreal magical genre like Marquez. As I finished the last remaining pages of this incredible story, that has been meticulously researched, I wished it was atmleast another 200 pages more.Mira;s descriptions of food, cf a bygone age made my tongue tingle,Her heroine Ishvari’s long voyage from humble beginnings to a glam doll Tantrika and her subsequent and final discovery of her own incredible energy and recognition of her own inner Being follow a wonderful uninterrupted narrative. Indeed, Mira’s prose and story telling abilities are worth their weight in spiritual gold and amber. There is not a single page where she misses a step, indeed her grasp of esoteric texts and Eastern mysticism are mind boggling. And to intertwine all of this into a tale which even a reader who is uninterested in spirituality will find exciting to read, is a marvel. Now I am awaiting more of Mira’s books. I hope I can continue to read her wonderful prose right into a ripe old age.

  2. Mira, ordered the book and am so looking forward to enjoying it. I usually get so immersed I live the plot, and feel I shall do the same with this. You are amazing, honest, a beautiful and you do”wear the world lightly”. To be spiritual is a total package, warts and all. To remember we truly live in a Universe with Heart which is forgiving and always loving. Thank you for being. Love

    • You are a darling!!!! Thank you, Antoinette and you know the compliments are warmly returned. If you like Whip, please write a great review and post it on Amazon et al. Om!

  3. I met Mila through Facebook and I was captivated by her thoughtful sweet words and way
    To express her feelings … It’s like it’s said that take a wile to know someone, but this wasn’t my case. Took me just feel days to testify that I was right ! She is a great soul… and was what broght me here to her page and I didn’t even know she was such a great writer or that she ever had writen a book. I am really surprised and I believe it was God that broght me here… I really want to get her book!!! 😍📕🙏

  4. Of course Mira is a beautiful soul – I see her as a spiritual warrior, with vision and love and truth that embraces and heals. We see her beauty because we are all reflections of one another. Our connection is Love, it brings us together in Oneness. How blessed we are.

    • Our connection truly is love – how else to explain how we all get together to share our innermost selves? And all of us are equally beautiful in essence. Much love and thanks, Antoinette.

  5. Mira, what is the difference (if there is one) between infinity and eternity – and forever. These words just symbolize what we try to conceive? God is All That Is – is there eternity and infinity? It has been on my mind periodically, and lately more often. Is there an answer to the questions?

    • I’d say they are more or less the same, Atoinette – semantics. For instance, whether I said “God is infinite” or “God is eternal” it would pretty much amount to the same thing, would it not? For me, words are only important as guides to what cannot be expressed in words. Hope this helps – others might have different views. Love!

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