The Nature of Enlightenment in Advaita

I spent years studying Buddhism and my notion of enlightenment was different than the simple beauty of Ramana Maharshi’s teachings on the Self…not that there were not powerful similarities. While a Buddha is considered to be omniscient, the sage (in Advaita) has no need of “knowledge” for everything is already included in the Self.
“The great Advaitic Mahavakya, “Aham Brahmasmi” means, “I Myself Am Brahman”, One without a second. Therefore, the question of “knowing” something truly becomes moot in Advaita.” Thanks for an enlightening post, Harsh Luthar!

Dear Harsha:

In many Eastern traditions it is believed that once a person is fully Self-Realized or Enlightened, he or she attains complete perfection and becomes omniscient and all knowing about three periods of time (past, present, and the future) anywhere in the entire universe. What would be Sri Ramana Maharshi’s view on this? Was Sri Ramana really all knowing and perfect in every way?

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