Researchers Reveal 5 Secrets of People Who Have Lived to Be 100 by Power of Positivity

I hope you read this – mystics claim that it is very difficult to attain human birth – our lives are beyond precious!!!

SeventhRay 2035

While centenarians make up a small share of the world’s older population, their proportion is growing. In 1990 there were 2.9 centenarians for every 10,000 adults ages 65 and older around the world. That share grew to 7.4 by 2015 and is projected to rise by 23.6 by 2050. ~ Pew Research

Japan and Italy, what’s your secret?

All you can eat sushi and pasta? (“Please God…”)

On a serious note, the Japanese and Italians dust the rest of the world in the proportionate number of persons aged 100 and older.

Japan has the top spot at 4.8 per 10,000 people, followed by Italy at 4.1 per 10,000.

The U.S. ranks third at 2.2. China (0.3) and India (0.2) round out the top five.

What’s truly incredible is that these numbers are expected to rise as much as ten-fold over the next 35 years, according to the United Nations’ “World…

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…pain, loss, regret – the stuff of drama Harold Pinter QUOTES FOR WRITERS (and people who like quotes)

Drama includes pain, loss, regret – that’s what drama is about!
Harold Pinter


I think plays have nothing to do with one’s own personal life. Not in my experience, anyway. The stuff of drama has to do, not with your subject matter, anyway, but with how you treat it. Drama includes pain, loss, regret – that’s what drama is about!
Harold Pinter

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Is there anything you can’t write about? ART FOR WRITERS

The dispassionate genius of the great artist: “I caught myself…searching for the succession, the arrangement of coloured graduations that death was imposing on her motionless face” Read on!


monet-camille-monet-on-her-deathbedI’m guessing that most people have seen Claude Monet’s water lilies in his garden at Giverny, near Paris. He began painting them in 1899 and didn’t stop for the next 20 years. The images he created are on posters and make up bags, tableclothes and lighters. They have caught our collective imagination and their gentle colours have become part of our mental landscape.

This painting, however, comes from an earlier and darker period of his life. It is of Camille Monet and she has just died a slow, painful death from cancer having been ill for two years with tuberculosis.  It is 1879, she is 32 years old and leaves behind two small sons and a grief-stricken husband burdened with terrible financial problems.

And what does he do? He paints her and even as he does so, he’s horrified that he can be so detached.

“I caught myself…searching for the…

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New Book: Ramana’s “Forty Verses on Reality” with comments

An incredible gift to the sincere seeker of permanent freedom from suffering….

Living in the Embrace of Arunachala

Ramana Maharshi details his entire teaching in his Forty Verses on Reality. The best way to read this book is by deeply meditating on each verse. Comments and Practice notes are added to each verse, to help the reader to understand just what is meant, and to assist the meditation and Self-inquiry needed to folly know what Ramana Maharshi was teaching.

Click this link to download:  40 Verses or Reality with comments

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“…A story is how we construct our experiences…” Doris Lessing QUOTES FOR WRITERS (and people who like quotes)

“…that is the template of our stories – a beginning, middle, and end.” Yes!!!


man-2933984_640Humanity’s legacy of stories and storytelling is the most precious we have. All wisdom is in our stories and songs. A story is how we construct our experiences. At the very simplest, it can be: ‘He/she was born, lived, died.’ Probably that is the template of our stories – a beginning, middle, and end.
Doris Lessing.

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Secret of Happiness

Be the light. That light will illumine your path and that of others and will be the best help you can give. Thanks for this, Harsh!

What is the secret of happiness?

Don’t bother anyone.

Don’t be bothered by anyone.

That is the path of joy and freedom.

Help those who come your way. Help where needed.

But don’t bother anyone. Don’t impose yourself and your views on others.

Stay with people and be part of the community devoted to universal love and peace.

Stay away from those who like to argue. Let them find their way.

Sri Ramana used to say that the best help we can give others is to transform ourself.

Be a person of peace and compassion, and this will reflect in your actions.

Be the light. That light will illumine your path and that of others and will be the best help you can give.

Quietly shine in your own pure nature of peace and radiance.

You will have done all you can.

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Free style interpretation of Ashthavakra Gita verses 3.9 to 3.14

“Freedom from duality comes from Self-Knowledge
and reveals the joy that takes one beyond all sorrows.” Read on and thanks for sharing this, Harsh!

Whether honored or tormented, in laughter or tears
the wise man, who is aware of his Self-Nature
does not see the body and mind as his own
and releases them to their natural ways.
Freedom from duality comes from Self-Knowledge
and reveals the joy that takes one beyond all sorrows.


Here are the original verses from the Asthavakra Gita 3.9-3.14

Whether feted or tormented, the wise man is always aware of his supreme self-nature and is neither pleased nor disappointed. 3.9

The great-souled person sees even his own body in action as if it were someone else’s, so how should he be disturbed by praise or blame? 3.10

Seeing this world as pure illusion, and devoid of any interest in it, how should the strong-minded person feel fear, even at the approach of death? 3.11

Who can be compared to the great-souled person whose mind is free from desire…

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“Why do men feel threatened by women?” asked Margaret Atwood QUOTES FOR WRITERS and everyone

Ah ha, big question that I have grappled with for years….thanks, Bridget Whelan.


community-150124_640Given the events over the last few weeks , I thought it would be a good idea to post the words of Margret Atwood:

Why do men feel threatened by women?” I asked a male friend of mine. So this male friend of mine, who does by the way exist, conveniently entered into the following dialogue.
“I mean,” I said, “men are bigger, most of the time, they can run faster, strangle better, and they have on the average a lot more money and power.”
“They’re afraid women will laugh at them,” he said. “Undercut their world view.”

Then I asked some women students in a quickie poetry seminar I was giving, “Why do women feel threatened by men?”
“They’re afraid of being killed,” they said.

She’s nailed it, right?

•Atwood, Margaret, Writing the Male Character (1982) (reprinted in Second Words: Selected Critical Prose from a Hagey Lecture on February…

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Negative Self-Judgment – Guest post by, Tina Frisco… | Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

Perhaps the biggest hurdle for those who want to walk the inner path is negative self-judgment – why? Because it is a lie – Eastern sages inform us that our true nature is perfect immortal bliss. Read on…thank you, Tina Frisco!


Christopher Graham, The Story Reading Ape, is a generous soul who regularly hosts other bloggers. If you’re not familiar with our big-hearted Ape, treat yourself to a plethora of terrific posts by visiting his superb BLOG. I want to thank Chris for his generosity and for featuring my post, which I’d like to share with you now ❤ 

Photo by Ningren Image courtesy of Ningren

The people we tend to be hardest on are ourselves. Some folks are an exception to this, but it seems to be true for most of us.

While I was in Pennsylvania helping care for my mother, I fell into judging myself… harshly… a lot.

I should be doing more. I should move back to Pennsylvania in order to help my sisters meet my mother’s needs. I should not feel guilty that my nephew gave up his bed for me and is sleeping on the…

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Once you read a book you care about…QUOTES FOR WRITERS (and readers)

I write Spiritual Fiction which clearly does not appeal to the mainstream, for quite often I get messages from those who read my Moksha Trilogy (3 books on enlightenment) that say they loved the read and are re-reading them because they are loaded with spiritual gems. And how happy that makes me! Genuine words of appreciation even from a few are worth more to me that the millions of dollars some mainstream writers earn. Honestly.


girl-2806276_640Once you have read a book you care about, some part of it is always with you.
Louis L’Amour

What books are always with you? The first book that came into my head was Little Women, read at age 9.

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