Death and Self-Realization

I am so grateful that many gave me a strong foundation in eastern philosophy. The first thing I absorbed was that my life was precious and that I could die at any moment; and that when I died, it was my state of consciousness that would determine much. Many think they can control their thoughts when death is imminent – not so – how we have lived before will determine our thoughts at that critical time.
Ramana Maharshi tells us, “Even if you fail to do it during your lifetime, you must think of God at least at the time of death, since one becomes what he thinks of at the time of death”. Great post, Harsh, thanks!!!

It is the ancient teaching of sages and scriptures that our mental state at the time of death determines our next birth. If at the time of death, we fully surrender to the Lord, the Universal Being, then we merge in God and are freed from all sorrows.

We usually think of that at the time of death what we have loved and thought about during life. Hence the purest souls who have devoted their whole life to serving the God of Love merge in that Universal Love immediately at the time of death and achieve complete liberation.

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