Jorge Luis Borges on What Writers Become

“I do not know which of us has written this page.” Jorge Luis Borges
A powerful line and profoundly true – every time we invest our souls in expressing ourselves, we are reflecting all that we are and all that has been poured into our particular crucible…my own trilogy of novels on enlightenment is what I hope will survive my physical death, a small tribute to a life lived in pursuit of the great goal of liberation. Thanks for a great post, Lisa!


Writing, like any art or discipline, takes practice and dedication to learning about the craft from those who have come before you. In learning, I like to teach, so each week I will take a piece of advice from the greats, both living and dead, famous and not, and apply their lessons to my own work and share my thoughts and progress with you.

This week I have chosen a quote from the Argentine writer and poet Jorge Luis Borges.

jorgeluisborgesenpalermofotoferdinandoscianna198403Jorge Francisco Isidoro Luis Borges Acevedo was born into an educated middle-class family on 24 August 1899. They were in comfortable circumstances but not wealthy enough to live in downtown Buenos Aires, so the family resided in Palermo, then a poorer suburb. Borges’s mother, Leonor Acevedo Suárez, came from a traditional Uruguayan family of criollo (Spanish) origin. Her family had been much involved in the European settling of South America and…

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