Silence Is Most Powerful

Silence and grace…the hallmarks of the Satguru, the exalted being who can lead us all the way from darkness to light…as I read this beautiful post, I thought of Gautama Buddha too who was known for doing the same thing that Ramana does here…brilliant! Thanks, Harsh Luthar.

Silence is the best language

Silence and Grace are frequent topics that occur in devotee conversations with Bhagavan Sri Ramana. “Silence is most powerful” says Bhagavan in Day By Day, 9-3-46.

Bhagavan used to say that the highest spiritual teaching and transmission is given only in silence. True Silence comes when there is complete surrender to God without any reservation. There is no room for mental noise then and all is peace.

Here is an actual event narrated by T.K. Iyer where he witnessed the the power of Bhagavan’s silence.

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6 thoughts on “Silence Is Most Powerful

  1. The old adage “Silence is golden” has been known for ages, and yet, what do we accomplish through social and news medias? We buy-in to the illusion that all that matters is what so-and-so says on a daily basis. We must find a way to reduce the mental clutter in our minds by finding quiet moments in our day. Make time to be silent by praying or meditating. Take a walk in the woods. Hell! Just turn off the boob tube, and find an inspiring book to read. The alternatives are obvious… just turn on the news again…and again…and again.

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