The Author Hot Seat with Mira Prabhu

The Author Hot Seat with Mira Prabhu!

Via Jane Dougherty, who delights her own readers by writing about fantastical places and other stuff…

Jane Dougherty Writes

My third guest author this week is Mira Prabhu whose writing is as vibrant and colourful as her subject matter, the glittering mythology of the Indian subcontinent.

author_photo (1)

J: Tell us what the story/your work is about, the setting, the background, and where it takes the reader.

M: Whip the Wild God…the fecund seed of this novel was sown in my consciousness in the Manhattan winter of 1992, not long after I had summoned up the guts to walk out on my mate of fourteen years. Fear was my constant companion during those days—for unlike the savvy American and European women friends I had come to admire through my freelance work on Wall Street and Manhattan law firms, I had been born into a conservative Indian community where these same traits, so valued in the liberal streets of New York, had been severely frowned upon in me.

I had moved metaphorical…

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