Kev’s Author Interviews Presents: Mira Prabhu!

The Fire Goddess Kundalini links souls all over the cosmos — which is how I got to meet Kev Cooper over the internet…here is the interview he posted on my work and life — blessings from blistering Arunachala!

9 thoughts on “Kev’s Author Interviews Presents: Mira Prabhu!

  1. Kev, viewed through the lens of eastern philosophy, we are all fragments of the Divine manifesting as human beings for some mysterious reason…so you are a god too! As the saying goes, we are Divine beings having a human experience….i remind myself of this everyday….keeps me going and then some!

      • Tantra is taking the result as the path — subtle understanding — if God is omnipresent, he/she/it must be present in you too, Kev! This is the big difference between eastern and western paradigms — one is non-dual, the other dual. Though dualism is very much alive and kicking in India as well…my highest ideal is to see everyone and everything as God! Let’s see what happens…

      • I won’t pretend to know any answers. I’m not happy with religion of any sort…they don’t answer questions, only provide more questions. I’d rather be honest and say, I don’t know, I don’t think so…here’s what I’d like to believe and leave it at that.

        Each person should find their own way and be left in peace to do it as long as they aren’t harassing someone else. When someone finds happiness and reassurance in something, someone, or themselves…I’m happy for them in the same way I’m happy for you having found a way to deal with the problems in your own life and that you have grown from it and defined yourself 😀

  2. Hi Mira,

    thanks for sending me this, i really enjoyed reading the except from Krishna’s Counsel, it seems like you have done a lot of work on it, it seemed much improved from what I recall reading last year! I am amazed that it is almost a year already! I am still here when you require a reader.

    Love and Blessings, Caroline.

    • Thanks Caroline! Yes, a lot of work has gone into it since…and will continue to go into it until i am done — and who knows when that will be? Will count on you as a reader when I need one — thanks for this big gift….love, M

  3. Hi again Mira, I have been contemplating other possibilities as per my living situation and checked out some currencies to see where my pension might go the furthest. I noticed that there are 99. something rupees per pound which would give me 9,900 rupees per month. could a person live on that? I really have no idea. I am just looking at what might be available to me out there. It struck me that perhaps the reason I have so many difficulties going on here might be that I’m supposed to be somewhere else!! Just a thought.

    thanks, caroline.

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