b71a7289e9e20118cedd41eba5a47a6fAll through the night it had snowed heavily; when I awoke, in a beautiful Ashram in America with a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, I looked out to see my world blanketed in pure white. Usually I love the snow, but this time I was furious with myself—for all the mistakes that had led to this point in my tumultuous life.

As many had made it a point to inform me, I’d been blessed with more than most—and yet I’d continued to mess up my life, due to impulsiveness and bad judgment. My most recent crisis was the result of a decision to break away from a man I’d deluded myself into believing would make me a perfect spiritual mate; gradually I came to see him as superficial and ethically unreliable, and had forced myself to cut the cord.

I’d written to my first major spiritual teacher and he’d invited me to this Ashram in order to recover. And yet, despite precious links with this powerful place, I still found it hard to manage in a small cramped dorm space even as I dealt with yet another big life change; the demons of uncertainty threatened me with dire predictions of impending doom and life was, in a word, hellish.

Heading for the main hall where breakfast was being served, I walked slowly down the wooden stairs—my sneakers had no grip and I had to hang on to the banister to keep myself from skidding all the way down, perhaps to face a broken leg or worse. I stopped, gazed up into the vastness of the sky and silently spoke to whoever was running this whole damned show. Look, I said, you didn’t give me a life map…and now here I am again, vulnerable and at your mercy. Give me something to hold on to apart from this damned banister, give me some great truth that will get me through this mess!!!

8655c48e7aacf02864d4e0767dddf879And I swear these lyrics traveled down through the ether and entered my muddled head:


I began to laugh, the words were so clear and so perfect. In that instant I accepted that what was really wrong with my life was that I was steeped solely in the relative circumstances of my little life and could not see the whole radiant picture—I, who had studied so long and so earnestly with great masters, really should have known better. These simple words were reminding me that I must never lose the Absolute view that teaches us that—while darkness, horror, injustice, and misery reign in many parts of our world—the Divine seed within us is always perfect, immortal, loving, wise, fearless and connected to all beings.

Later, back in my room, I wrote these words down. Then I pulled out my guitar and composed a little tune to go with them. I began to sing my happy little ditty all the time, and since it connected with ancient wisdom, this stratagem worked; every time a negative thought arrived to plague me, I’d sing these lines to myself. Soon, believe it or not, life was wonderful again.

I taught this song to my friends, and soon others were singing it along with me. Much later, on a hike through the surrounding wilderness with wonderful friends, this second verse came to me, much in the same way as the first:


e0bd5fb784584e6568715d2f1f2449adThe sad truth is that millions of humans, seen through the critical relative eye, are definitely not fabulous or fine or magnificent. And so we judge what we perceive and we fall into misery. These days I am almost always happy, but yesterday many arrows struck me all at the same time (I wrote this post in November 2016)—Prime Minister Modi declared 500 and 1000 rupee notes invalid legal and in one stroke had felled tens of thousands of black-marketers hoarding untaxed money. But millions of honest people too were hit, me included. Then, to my horror, I heard that Donald Trump was winning the US Election. Being a hyper-empath, all of this “bad news” instantly affected my body—and I got sick. I got to bed early last night, and fortunately sank into a deep sleep that lasted for eleven hours! And guess what, I woke up with that little song running through my head…and I got the message: that, no matter my tempestuous emotions, seen through the Third Eye, everything is indeed beautiful.

So many are aghast, disappointed and frustrated by what we see happening on our beautiful planet. Others want to continue to fight an evil system where they fear misogyny, racism and dishonesty will now have a chance to openly spread. But I am retraining my inner eye and reminding myself that all of this is only a collective karma whose real purpose is to force us to look even deeper within ourselves; as a guru once said to me, clean up your insides thoroughly and you will never have to see darkness outside either. When we become light, our relative world transforms too.

c892df9ba08e2c8957541a12d3023ac2Does this mean we sit back and allow the forces of evil to usurp our planet? A resounding NO!!!! But simultaneously we must act with the wisdom that all that is playing itself out on the screen of our world is due to invisible forces of karma we have collectively set into motion. Happiness is an inside job—and if we truly want a beautiful planet where all beings live in harmony with each other, we must first eradicate all that is violent within our own natures.

Greetings from Arunachala, Shiva in the form of a hill of fire and light, who vows to help us on this awesome journey towards the blazing light that we are!!!

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  1. Dear Mira.
    I randomly opened my mobile. And the 1st thing I read just now was Everything is beautiful! Oh my God, this is something magical. . Truly. Since I woke up today with this unexplainable ‘not so alright’ thought, disturbed at the way the world is in front of me. . BUT.
    I read the most beautiful lines, the eternal Truth, and voila, my lopsided view is set right, to feel and experience, what I meant to . . Everything is Beautiful. Everyone is Beautiful.
    Thank you Beautiful Lady.

    • Meena, amazing that we are both going through the same experience of illness right now – but the jnanis tell us that everything is beautiful when we have clear vision and I believe them. It was terrific speaking to you this morning, Get well soon and come back! Love, M

  2. As I read this post deep connections were made and my own inner voices were telling me it was right but I still wondered about the evil in the world and then I read the last paragraph and it made perfect sense. Thank you, Mira. I hope and pray that all the people in the world start to do this. xxx

  3. Reblogged this on Luthar.com and commented:
    Happiness is an inside job—and if we truly want a beautiful planet where all beings live in harmony with each other, we must first eradicate all that is violent within our own natures. ~ Mira Prabhu

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