A Message from Leslie Robinson,  Founder of Arunachala Animal Sanctuary…

First, a true story for you:  Jansy was a six month old puppy when she was hit by a two wheeler. Poor baby took a hit in the head and was unconscious when brought to us. Dr. Raja didn’t think she was going to make it. She was in a coma for ten days, clinging to life, concussion, potential nerve damage, eyeball hanging out, skull fracture. In intensive care, we stroked her and whispered to her: “Sweet Jansy, hang on, you’re with very good people.” We played chants, gave her I.V.’s for nutrition, spinal injections for controlling brain inflammation, neurobion-vitamins to boost her nervous system, pain killers and Reiki.

Mirculously, a few days later, Jansy started moving her head a little, and then her body. Still later, she turned on her stomach. Then she sat up and started eating a little. She was comfortable with us and clearly felt safe. After 3 ½ weeks she started trying to stand, then taking her first steps. She was indrawn, but content. We let her walk around in isolation a week, encouraging her, stroking and kissing her. Then she was ready for the veranda, to rest on one of the straw mattresses. A lot of puppies were out there, and a lot of snuggling and warming up began. Jansy started responding and even forming some relationships. Walking around, resting, playing gently, going off alone occasionally or just resting—and then, voila, she was bounding around with the rest. Welcome back dear Jansy! We love you!!!


Easing the karma of Arunachala’s animals is our work and yes, they have a heavy load to bear, due to political and bureaucratic indifference, outright cruelty, and so on. We focus on lightening their karmic load and it is a great blessing to be able to do so, for the energy that comes back from these beautiful, innocent creatures brings immense love that surrounds us all in a gentle, protective, bubble.

We’re going through difficult times right now: First of all, we are really overcrowded, and yet this is an auspicious sign and a clear reflection that human hearts are opening more and more. The number of monthly emergency rescues (almost all homeless dogs and puppies) have increased exponentially in the last two years: from 40 to between 80 and 110. It’s a strong sign that people have become much more aware and caring for these Precious Creatures. Can you imagine the significance of someone calling in and saying this homeless dog hasn’t been eating the last two days? Especially coming from a space ten years ago of almost complete indifference!  Similarly, the number of monthly visits for treatment to our clinic has increased from an average of 300 two years ago, to between 550 and 750 now. These are mostly “owner dogs”.  The Transformation of our community is reflected in this increase in the number of Voiceless Ones that are coming to us as dogs for domestic pets. The result is a critical overcrowding of our precious in-house animals—from between 75 and 100 two years ago, to between 200 and 225 now.

So our Number One priority is to get into a much bigger facility, which means purchasing land and building. Sadly, the Municipality, Bureaucracy, and local Politicos couldn’t care less. For them there is “no problem” because the streets are so remarkably good. There’s probably no municipality in India that has anything like this. What they don’t know, or care to know, is that the reason things are so good is because we have a staff of 21, plus two full-time veterinary doctors who are doing 100 emergency rescues a month, seeing up to 750 cases for treatment each month in our clinic, going out up to 100 kms to find homes for our puppies, doing emergency rescue 24/7, treating and caring for over 200 creatures in-house, performing 60 to 100 sterilizations each month 5 to 10 other complicated operations.

When we opened ten years ago, the scene was ghastly: Approximately 7000 homeless dogs and the population out of control: 350 suffering and dying creatures on the streets, rabies, starvation, no facility for treatment and care within 70 kms, a terrible relationship between the people and the animals, widespread abuse and many dog bites. Now there are no more suffering and dying animals on the streets and the homeless dog population is decreasing for the first time in forty years, and it is rabies-free. Widespread abuse is gone, and the relationship between the animals and the people amongst whom they live day in, day out is totally transformed. And there are 10,000 fewer puppies born each year, almost all of whom would have just suffered and died. And each year it gets better. You can experience it just walking on the streets…frequent scenes of people stroking homeless dogs, speaking sweetly to them, giving them food are common. Almost unheard of ten years ago.

If the Shelter went down, it wouldn’t revert back to the awful scene that existed in 2007, but to a scene almost unimaginably worse. Just from the 100 emergency rescues not being done, the afflicted creatures, alone, would flood the streets. At the end of a year there would be 1200 to 1500 suffering and dying creatures, not the awful 350 from 2007.

We take exceptional steps to protect, support, and care for our Precious Ones as we traverse this difficult terrain. Because they run free, skin diseases are passed back and forth. The incidence of the main skin conditions, primarily called Mange, got alarmingly high that all the Precious Ones, without exception,  had to be treated at the same time (even if they did not have Mange), in a way that would to eliminate cross transfer: in other words, they all had to be healed together. At the writing of this Report, all 200 dogs have been given medicinal shampoos, and coated with neem oil (with sulfur) once a week for four weeks, along with appropriate medications. Thank God, the mange situation is now under control. The itching has stopped, they’re all comfortable, their coats are looking much better, and it appears they are almost cured.

We are also now going to start treating the Fungal Skin Infections. For our most difficult cases, we will call in one of the foremost veterinary dermatologists in the Nation who is at the Madras Veterinary College and has a long-term relationship with Dr. Raja. All our dogs have had three medicinal baths at the writing of this Report and, blessing of blessings, the itching has stopped, they’re all comfortable, their coats are looking much, much better, and it seems almost all are cured.

Decontamination of the Shelter took three days: solutions to decontaminate the floor, beddings, mattresses, etc. Also for three days (from 7pm to 2:30am, ending this last Sunday 2:30am, the 12th) the entire Shelter, cages and grounds, was gone over thoroughly by a professional with a strong flame gun. This process also handled the tic problem.

In addition, because of the overcrowding, we feel our Precious Ones need more care and loving. So Vishwa has also found 5 women whose only job will be to give our darlings additional love, and caring, massages, strokes and loving words. So far, this is working out beautifully.

In a nutshell, beloved friends, we’re under big pressure to get into a much larger facility, and that means land ($75,000), and building ($250,000). I’m thinking that the fastest we could do it is in four to six months. So if you know Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, call them…If you know Ratan Tata, Rockefeller, or a gadzillionaire that loves animals, call them…If you know Donald Trump, don’t call him. If you know my Mother, tell her to send my Piggy Bank. If you can’t help with money, prayers are good, but know that this is real and it’s big. Namasthe!

The main thing in our beloved Shelter is HEART. But one has to experience it. It’s not unusual for animal lovers to get teary when they experience the Shelter because they didn’t know that anything like it existed. Below are two short videos, and a photo presentation that give a sense of what has unfolded.

This is a link to a 3 minute video which is excerpts from an interview of me.

This is the 8 minute video called Hridayam that a strong supporter put together several months ago. It’s the one that Ingrid Newkirk saw screened at the AhimsaFest 2016 in Mumbai at the beginning of November.

This is a photo presentation of our Shelter. http://www.arunachalasanctuary.com/photo/presentation

TO DONATE PLEASE CLICK HERE: www.arunachalasanctuary.com/to-donate-and-other-ways-of-helping/to-donate

11 thoughts on “A Message from Leslie Robinson,  Founder of Arunachala Animal Sanctuary…

  1. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Mira Prabhu has a wonderful post today about the animal rescue organisation in Arunachala in India. In 10 years they have not only created a safe haven for the stray dogs that populated the streets but have eradicated rabies in the area, prevented thousands of puppies being born and have treat owned dogs for hundreds. Please head over and share… they need a larger facility and funds to pay for their dedicated care staff and vet team…if you cannot donate then sharing is the next best thing. Thank you

  2. This is such a beautiful and heart touching post! Its amazing to see the work that you guys do 🙂 My family and I run a rescue Sanctuary from our home in South Africa and it brings me so much of joy to see organisations like yours helping and saving so many pets lives. The fact that you included Reiki to heal them is wonderful because my mother believes in doing the same, I’m so glad to know that it actually does help. I would love to donate but we ourselves require donations, if you could please spread the word for us 🙂 it would make a huge difference to our rescue babies lives. Thank you
    Vyaksha Singh

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