d234450d3d62a8926e9c9bca1ac39318Freud opened the minds of millions of Westerners to the hidden codes that determine our behavior. I read his work from time to time as a young woman, and one particular novel I plunged into as a teenager particularly fascinated me since it reduced his teachings to the primal urges of sex and death.

Now, in the Eastern view, these powerful drives stem from the lowest chakra in the human system, known as the root chakra or mooladhara. Yes, it is critically important to understand the root chakra, because our mooladhara drives us to create a life based solely on surviving and thriving in the relative world. If we do not realize this, we are condemned to spin senselessly around in the vicious cycle of samsara for eons, never realizing we are far more than our material body, mind, emotions or possessions.

Eastern mystics and sages authoritatively inform us that our true and immortal nature is existence-awareness and bliss (sat-chit-ananda). The way to knowing this can be beyond arduous and can encompass striving for eons. But once this sinks in, then we are definitely on the inner road to peace and bliss. Continue reading



8b0491b2a715579b114da4fdb36d7daaThe great sage Ramakrishna told this old tale to his disciples: an angry snake terrified the village boys so greatly that they dared not venture near his territory. One day a yogi was walking through the village when a boy warned him not to venture near the abode of the vicious serpent. The yogi told the boy not to worry, for he knew a mantra that would calm the serpent. He was speaking the truth: when the snake slithered forward to attack him, the yogi intoned the mantra and the snake became still and peaceful. Then the yogi gave the snake another mantra to chant and told him not to trouble the boys but instead to seek a higher peace. The snake obeyed. But when the village boys discovered the snake was now peaceful, they began to torment him. One bully even picked him up and slammed him repeatedly against a sharp rock until he was broken and bleeding, then left him for dead.

Somehow the snake survived. When the yogi returned some months later, he was shocked at his dismal state and demanded an explanation. The snake was surprised—but you told me to be peaceful! he said. So I did, said the sage in exasperation, I asked you not to bite, but did I tell you not to hiss? Continue reading


a0154d1588c1b8135252fc3d01e0e9faSeveral friends living in India have written to me saying they would so appreciate being able to buy my novels (Whip of the Wild God: A Novel of tantra in Ancient India and Krishna’s Counsel, the first two books in The Moksha Trilogy) in India. Well, it gives me great pleasure to announce that this is now possible!

Recently we had an unsettling experience with (Amazon’s affiliate in India) concerning print quality. This has not yet been cleared up. As a result, we warned readers not to purchase print books via that link. However please note that their e-versions are fine. Subsequently my friend did some research and came up with a self-publishing site based in India:, which delivers great print quality at a great price.

Voila, here are the direct links:

Krishna’s Counsel –

Whip Of The Wild God –

So, if you live in India and love Eastern spiritual fiction, do check out these books and spread the word…the following link contains all links (print & ebook) specifically for Indian readers –

Greetings from Arunachala, Shiva the Destroyer in the form of a mountain of fire that burns all that blocks us from knowing that we are the immortal and blissful Self!

The Struggle to Find the God Within: Breaking Free From The Habitual Mind

Richard Oldale is a freelance writer and researcher living in Naples, Italy. He is currently  working on a travel book with the theme title “Journeys to Ancient Worlds: What Modern Man Can Learn From Ancient Civilizations.” The collection will include a series of eBooks, the first of which details Latin American cultures and was published in April 2015. For more information check out Richard’s website: Here Richard presents his personal views on the quest for merging into the inner spirit… God in ManI am not religious. I would not even describe myself as spiritual; and yet I am aware that we are all spirits by nature. But I meditate daily, practice yoga and read tarot so am given a “spiritual” label by others. But this label is merely perception. I don’t feel any more spiritual now than I did before I was “spiritual.” The only difference now is, I am consciously aware of the God Within. And that is what is important. SHIVA IN BROWN AND YELLOWWe all have an inner power. Buddha said, “in each of us is a God.” The Greek poet Euripides passed more meaning over this when he commented, “the mind of each of us is a God.” This is where we get the idea of God-Consciousness, except the meaning of what God is differs from one person to the next. It all depends on where you look. Organised religions teach us to look on the outside, yet the Truth is, you will only discover ‘God-Consciousness from the inside’. It’s all in the mind, but most haven’t realized that yet. Spiritual Confusion It’s typical for someone breaking out the matrix to seek help. Many look for spiritual guidance. Others follow the heart. I did both. I traveled and researched ancient scripts and myths. Spiritual guides speak in riddles. Much of it does not make sense. But once I learned what the meanings of symbols in ancient art and architecture means, the pieces began slotting into place. After that God-Consciousness came fairly quickly. Except, I do not have God-Consciousness, I have Christ-Consciousness, the creation of God in Man on Earth. Find the God within is an entirely other mind game. LOTUSWhat I have come to understand is that we all create our own reality by acting on the thoughts we most want to manifest in life. Just as God created Heaven and Hell, if you imagine heaven and hell is an analogy of your life, your surroundings, your circumstances – where are you? Eastern philosophers explain the Parabrahman, the Absolute, comes from source consciousness and is the start of creation. The Para emerges in the mind of man as Pashyanti. This is when we become aware of Brahman (God.) As a thought. So God is within us. It is the ideas you have in your head every day, except these thoughts become lost and forgotten among the other 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts we have a day. They come from your other personalities, your angels and fallen angels. But what would happen if you became conscious of these God sent thoughts? Nigargadatta Maharaj says, “The one who understands this vital breath, the life force, is beyond all mental concepts. The one who has not understood it is a slave to his thoughts.” You need a goal, an intention. With this focus, God-Conscious thoughts will come to you. When you become aware of these thoughts you have more control over the choices you make. Put these thoughts into action and you become the Creator God we associate with Heaven. The problem is we have ego, the voice of the habitual mind. And if ego does not serve you like a God, he is your enemy. MAN IN MEDITATIONWhat is the habitual mind? What we are taught as children becomes ingrained into our minds. We then develop mind-habits and carry on doing what we have always done. Even though it might be the wrong thing to do. Although some break free from this prison of illusion, it is possible to go a lifetime and never discover the truth. Our minds are programmed to understand this is the way the world works. And we fall out with anyone that does not agree. The ego is bruised. The habitual mind only has one perception. Your experiences become your program, your mind’s way of telling your body what to do. From there it is easy to go into autopilot and act on impulse. As a result, body, mind and soul can stay in base conscious (666). So this is how we live. We do what “gets us by.” We keep repeating the same patterns and experiencing the same failures. Develop conscious awareness and you will discover the creator God, or Christ-Consciousness is within you. All it requires is to trust your intuition and break free from the habitual mind prison. You need will-power to sacrifice things you are accustomed to. This is the battle you face to destroy Ego and find your True Absolute God – mind over matter!

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Demon of Eclipses & Illusions – Part 1/9

opening_imageStrolling down Manhattan’s Broadway in the early 1990s, I stopped to stare at a dramatic hoarding, the elements of which I shall attempt to recapitulate for you: a smoldering cigarette hangs out the corner of the mouth of an older woman with a halo of frizzy gray hair; her heavily made-up face barely masks a mesh of wrinkles and furrows, her cunning eyes are narrowed as a shield against the rising smoke, her cracked smoker’s lips are painted a bright red; as for the ironic caption below, it reads: Smoking Is Glamorous.

Oh what a powerful message! I thought, even as I dragged deeply on the fragrant Nat Sherman cigarette hanging, Bohemian style, out of the side of my own mouth. But despite the irony of that moment, that harsh image continued to hover on the fringes of my insubordinate mind, warning me how I might end up if I didn’t quit smoking.

Back in India, two upper-class women of my mother’s generation had ended their lives looking pretty similar to the hag on the hoarding. Both had thumbed their noses at convention and taken up smoking and drinking with a vengeance. Both had died heavily burdened by the circumstances of their lives, their striking beauty a sad memory; despite medical warnings, the mounting concern of their respective families, and their own fierce wills, neither had ever been able to quit either ciggies or booze. Continue reading

The Spider & The Blue-Throated God – Part 1/2

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I owe a colossal debt of gratitude to a woman I shall call Grace, whose kindly face, hennaed hair, hooked nose and elfin green eyes still come easily and with great affection to mind. I met her over a decade ago, at a friend’s potluck dinner in Eugene, Oregon — a fairytale town where I wouldn’t have been surprised to see a hobbit or two come frolicking down the road, yodelling a hey-ho-happy-to-be-alive kinda song.

Instead of enjoying this slice of paradise, however, my thoughts had begun to stray obsessively into the future — specifically on the looming prospect of having to leave Eugene for south India, where I’d set in motion the construction of a beautiful home for myself. Whew, was I mad at myself for taking this big step! And what the hell had I been thinking? My radical ways had taken me way out of the Indian mainstream…and when, for God’s sake, had I ever fit into my conservative community? But now it was too late — huge amounts of money had already been paid towards this dream dwelling, and this time I had no option but to suck it up and go with the flow. Continue reading

Genesis: Whip of the Wild God – Part II

YoginiSolace came in the form of hatha yoga, meditation and reading all the eastern philosophy I could get my hands on. Someone gave me Robert Svoboda’s Aghora—crude, intense, rich. His chapter on karma made one thing crystal clear to me—that none of us are victims in the big picture. Whatever we may experience—good, bad, neutral—is only the result of our own past karma—meaning, eons of thinking, speaking and acting in certain ways.

I felt sure that the half-a-million dollars or more that I’d lost by leaving my marriage was the sole result of the karmic pendulum swinging back at me. Had I retaliated in revengeful desperation, as several feminist friends exhorted me to do, I intuited that this same pendulum would swing back with even greater force, knocking me down for the count.  Continue reading