Steve Jobs, The I Ching and the Binary Mechanism of the Universe: The 5000 year old digital revolution…

i-ching-collageMy friend John Nicholas Stoodley has played fascinating roles all over the world: while still at school, he was commissioned to produce a special design for the artist Picasso; he went on to assist Valentino in Rome, to run a champion basketball team from Los Angeles, study metaphysics in Manila, and to rewrite the world’s oldest book (the I Ching) in France. In his very own words, he has “done a lot”! John currently lives on a small tropical island and has just published a unique website on the I Ching based on over twenty years of personal research on the subject: Now here’s what he has to say about the digital revolution: Continue reading

Quiche, Coffee & The Morning Pages…

Quiche, Coffee & The Morning Pages was featured (on Sep 17, 2013) as a Guest Post on Indies Unlimited. Indies – the happening website for independent publishers worldwide!

manhattan_winterIt’s the Manhattan winter of 1992, less than three months since I’ve left my mate of fourteen years, losing, in one fell swoop, all the solid props of my life. To stay financially afloat, I take on freelance administrative gigs in arguably the planet’s most frenzied and high-stakes city.

Weeks are busy, but weekends are poisoned with a high-octane cocktail of anxiety, guilt and confusion; I cannot seem to extricate myself from the tangled nest of viperous thoughts that paralyze me into a state of chronic despair. Have I done right in placing personal integrity above the comfort of family and economic security?

Sunday morning dawns and my neighbour Leanna calls to invite me over for brunch. She hands me a copy of Julia Cameron’s The Artists’ Way. “No thanks,” I say ungraciously. “I’ve enough to read.” She presses it on me, betraying a pity that turns my proud stomach. “This will free your head up, honey,” she says gently. “A bunch of us got together and did the exercises. They do work, you know.” Continue reading