The One Light

Sages respect all spiritual paths, modes of prayer, contemplation, and meditation. Walking from any direction towards the Heart, ultimately leads to the Realization that All is One. One Love. One Heart.

Whoever you worship, and by whatever name you call the Divine Spirit, Her sweet light falls equally on everyone and is in everyone.

That One Light is in you as well.

It appears hidden behind the mind and personality, that you take to be your identity. But in truth, You, yourself are that One Light.

Understanding and intimately knowing our original and true identity as the light of consciousness is known as Self-Realization.

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3 thoughts on “The One Light

  1. Each holy soul that graced the earth unanimously preached about sacrifice and love. Yet, we humans, engulfed with greed and prejudice, have formulated cryptic “religious paths” to attain that same God. Religions that mostly dwell on our fears and insecurities. Extorting money and loyalty. All under the false claim of leading us to God.

    • Which is why Advaita masters like Ramana Maharshi urged us to leave the world alone and to focus on our own enlightenment; when we are realized, all that we saw before is transformed into light.

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