fb_img_1483263162986Last night I had one of my long dreams—often they are complete stories and quite fascinating in their twists and turns. The star of this one was a woman I know who, by dint of hard work and her husband’s ability to take enormous financial risks, has moved up from a lower economic status to become a multi-millionaire. Unfortunately, although she maintains a simple façade, she is blown away by her own rise; although she continues to be miserly and harsh in her treatment of the poor and the sick, she will not fail to let you know that she and her family have been specially favored by the material gods.

In this dream, she was a great dancer and the members of her family were her greatest fans. I too was mightily impressed by the performance she put on for us at her opulent home, simply because I did not see her as an artiste. After the show, I mentioned that I would have to practice hard for the show I was planning to give, whereupon her husband admonished me sternly, warning me that I should not aspire to greatness, since talent like his wife’s was rare. His children seconded his warning with somber nods.

I woke up and pondered this dream; I have been doing some intense work to burn down my own ego and, as a result lots of stuff is being stirred up from the subconscious, so it can be cleared away. Long dreams are now part of my routine and I enjoy them because they teach me so much; but I never hang on to them—I quickly extract the message and dump the dream so I can move on.

4b2c8bc7f1869ccbf64a10955f1f61ddThis one, I realized, was all about the ego and its stranglehold on those humans who simply will not realize that all their conditioning, attachments, beliefs about themselves are due to egoic projection. This woman, I sense, has a low opinion of herself beneath the puffed-up exterior—and so she has an extra need to show off. And her family colludes in this illusion—which is why genuine seekers are urged to move away from those who support the false matrix in order to protect their own interests. Only in solitude do we have the time to deeply consider the nature of reality, and the inconceivably powerful grip the ego has over our mind and senses. I have come to believe that giving ourselves this gift of peace and solitude, away from the madding crowd, is the sweetest thing we can do for our own evolution.

Greetings from Arunachala, Shiva the Destroyer in the form of a hill of fire and light, who vows to destroy all that is illusory so we can experience the wisdom and bliss of our true nature!

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4 thoughts on “A LEGEND IN HER OWN MIND  

  1. How I look forward to your writings. I am learning to view many of my dreams in the same way. I am learning, observing, can see the ego flaunting itself in dreams so opposite from my conscious life…yet reminding me that deep in the sub-conscious the unreal continues, it can be painful to look at oneself but as with you I take what I need from the dream, see it for what it is not (reality) and discard the rest. Thank you lovely lady.

    • Antoinette, you are a rare gem – you have been with me from the time I started this blog and I always love and admire your pure spirit and willingness to support. May your tribe increase on this planet, where so many are bent of raising hell! Love!

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