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I am beginning to understand

Lila, the Cosmic Enchantress,

In a new way.

I now see her as the I AM, the base of the egoic edifice,

So brilliant, conniving, creative and spellbinding

That I have fallen for her tricks, lifetime after lifetime,

Unaware that I’ve been snared, like a fluttering brainless fly,

In her intricate and sticky cosmic web.

A miracle occurred and I began to see, for the first time in eons,

That I have been her willing slavish captive:

Trapped in a tinsel web so strong and so vast

That only Grace can release mini-me from her bindings.

I hear the Inner Guru whisper something fascinating—

That the I AM in its negative aspect is a powerful and mischievous female force.

Truly, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned or revealed as a trickster,

So I am careful when flick off her myriad veils of pomp and show

For I know I am confronting a potent and mysterious force

Beyond the comprehension of my finite mind.


As you penetrate the veils, so much becomes suddenly clear:

First that Her glittering madness has bedazzled us for too long,

Keeping us from the peace and bliss that is our true and lasting nature.

Second, that her game is Samsara, the unique relative world she spins for each of us.

You see how bright and resourceful She is?

Third that she has many names, among them Maya, Kali, Kundalini and Shakthi,

And that when she is calm and happy,

She is Turiya, Bindu and Brahman too,

Neither Male nor Female but a perfect blend of the two.

The end of the game can only arrive when we know without a doubt,

That this is all a vast and mysterious dream played on a gigantic chessboard,

Involving the three states of waking, sleeping and dreaming.

But once we get to know Turiya, the fourth state that transcends the mundane three,

And begin to explore this deathless blissful realm,

Madame Lila knows the game is up and that she must now surrender to the One.

The time comes to pay due homage to Lila’s brilliance and

To ask her nicely to lead us home, to the substratum of our nature,

Which is pure existence, awareness and bliss.

For Lila is also the Divine Mother with a myriad faces and forms.

If we appeal to her maternal instinct,

And convince her that we are weary of having her toy with us,

And whisper daringly that we know she secretly weaves both pleasure and pain

Into every one of the scenarios she spins for us,

She may actually relent and stop the torture.

Convince her that you are sincere,

And Lila the Seductress turns into The Divine Mother.  

The heavens rain luminous lotuses down on Earth,

To celebrate the homecoming of one lost soul to the cosmic fold.


Oh, and its an excellent idea to have Arunachala,

Shiva the Destroyer in the form of a hill of fire and light,

On your side when you take on the mighty challenge of unveiling Lila,

For She is His Divine Consort

And when She recognizes your mighty ally,

She will treat you as her beloved child and end the game.

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