Buddhist Wheel of Life

An amazing synchronicity here – I was just about to post an article that deals with the Wheel of Life! Thanks for a great post, Beema!

A Rosemont Way ~ A Journey Awakening

The Tibetan Wheel of Life

Dhammachari Bodhanada
Buddhist Himalaya VOL. I NO. II
WINTER 1988/89
Copyright 1988 by Gakken Co. Ltd.


The Tibetan Wheel of Life is perhaps the most common of all pictures in Buddhist art and can still be soon on the walls of monasteries temples and painted scrolls all over Tibet and Buddhist countries bordering the Himalayan region. It was at one time also very common in Buddhist India, but the Moslem invasion was so complete in its destruction of Buddhism in India only or two examples of it remain in the rock cut caves of Ajanta and Ellora in the state of Maharastra in India. A good deal of misunderstanding surrounds its rich imagery and symbolism and I myself have often heard it described by Thanka painters in Kathmandu as being either an almanac, astrological chart or a complex Tibetan calender. The wheel of life…

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