Bee Stings, Bullies and Where Blame Really Belongs

As long as we have a body and mind and are mired in duality, we must use our discrimination to protect our fragile relative selves…be sweetness and light when it is appropriate, and roar like a tiger when you are bullied or harassed – keeping quiet does not serve anyone, either the victim nor the abuser. Thanks, Janni!


While I have heard you can catch more bees with honey than vinegar, I have to wonder about the life of the person who stated this because it is not always wise to be sweet as I have learned time and time again in trying to tolerate, maintain or repair relationships. Not all ships are created equal and not all relations are deserving of our loving kindness. This does not mean cruelty is in order either, simply that setting healthy boundaries or walking away is often the best choice to save ourselves. Staying in a situation that is unhealthy for us is the worst kind of punishment we could exact on our own psyche and well being but sometimes we find ourselves trapped in situations we could never have foreseen.

While I could include and discuss many relationships today I am going to talk about bullies. Where do they belong…

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2 thoughts on “Bee Stings, Bullies and Where Blame Really Belongs

  1. What a nightmare! I had to stop and catch my breath a few times while reading Janni’s post. You’re right, Mira ~ roar like a tiger. Allowing others to use and abuse us serves only to perpetuate the offensive behavior ♥

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