How to Begin Self-Inquiry: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

“On the Jnana path, we are not trying to accomplish anything but to simply realize our True Nature or Original Nature, or Self or however you want to phrase it. Understanding the subtle effort involved, which is very different than the effort involved in achieving worldly things, is important for an aspirant.” Yes, Atma-Vichara is brilliant, effective and unique…read on. Thanks for a great post, Harsh!

The play of concepts is endless. Concepts about the body, the mind, spirit, etc. It is the quicksand which entangles one more and more. It is the stuff of religion, philosophy, spirituality, great writers, great thinkers, great teachers, great leaders, etc.

The presumption to teach and help others to improve themselves reveals the unrelenting grip of the ego. Sri Ramana used to say that our first duty is to realize our true nature.

The wise say, that, “I am the doer” notion is bondage (See the Bhagavad Gita). This is a very deep philosophy and requires a subtle understanding of how to remain balanced in life. 

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