fb_img_1476180317452During my years in Manhattan, I flew to Florida to spend a long weekend with a close friend. At the time I was agonizing over whether to cut loose from a relationship that had been wonderful at the start but was now beginning to seriously drain and confuse me. You see, I had turned decisively to the inner path, but my friend had turned his back on the mystical path and was pursuing happiness in the external world. We had come to a major crossroads but neither of us were able to take that final decision to cut the cord. You see, he had arrived when I desperately needed spiritual companionship and our work together had allowed me to open the portal to great jewels in my awakening consciousness; apart from being willing to walk with me through hard, he had also inspired me to write my first novel.

That night I discussed the situation with this other close friend—a man in whose good heart and caring for me I trusted. Fascinated by the subconscious, he had developed a special mastery over lucid dreaming; in response, he guided me into meditation and told me to request my inner being for an answer to my conundrum.

1513668fea84f1f3052a39f19b5e3df1It was past midnight when we went to our separate bedrooms. A soft drizzle soon put me to sleep and I drifted into a vivid dreamscape: Three sisters live in a beautiful home surrounded by misty gardens. The eldest is a serene and lovely woman; the middle sister is still finding her way, while the third is wild, a slave to her tumultuous emotions. The younger sister runs across the house to find her eldest sister. “We’ve got to get rid of the body now!” she shrieks. “It’s dangerous to keep him here!” The eldest nods her head in agreement. She summons the middle sister and the three enter a large empty room. The eldest pushes a button on the wall and a marble slab slides out of the wall. Upon it lies a corpse—the corpse of the friend I was troubled about! Big sis picks up three swords and hands one to each sister, keeping the sharpest for herself. “All right,” she says calmly. “You stand at his hands, you at his feet, and I will stand at the head. When I give you the signal, strike!” The three take their stances when Big Sis peers down at the corpse more closely and sees a necklace of glittering gems around its neck. “Wait a sec,” she says. “First we have to take out the jewels and keep them safe.” She reaches down, lifts the necklace off and places it inside her pocket. “Now strike,” she says, and in unison, the three sisters chop off the head, hands and feet of the corpse; amazingly the corpse disintegrates into nothing. The eldest leaves the room and walks out into the twilit gardens—whereupon she hears  a great voice thundering down from the heavens: “And now your spirit shall be free!”

I woke up, stunned by the vividness of the dream. Those three sisters were all facets of myself, I realized. Yes, there were times when I felt confident and serene, times when I was troubled, and still other times when I writhed and moaned under the whip of intense emotions. I knew what this powerful dream was instructing me to do—to preserve the priceless jewels my friend had given me, but to allow the relationship itself to disintegrate back into the nothingness from which it had emerged. Cutting off head, hands and feet simply meant that I was being ordered, by my own Higher Self, to cut off all contact so I would have the time and space I needed to grow in my own special way.

95e5a47695ea4303d9ec276b43e01b87Shamans speak of big and little dreams. The little ones we can safely ignore, but the big ones can guide us and enrich our lives in unimaginable ways. Looking back on my life, it struck me that every time I found myself in crisis, dreams would arise to help me out. Often they were so vivid I could not ignore their message—and, if I was wise enough to listen, they never failed to guide me to peace. You see, when we choose to walk the inner path, we awaken great forces in the cosmos who begin to guide us in amazing ways; slowly the Inner Guru awakens and then we are well on our way home, to that substratum of peace and joy that is our true nature.

Greetings from Arunachala, Shiva the Destroyer in the form of a sacred mountain, who vows to destroy all that blocks us from merging into the blazing and blissful light that we truly are!

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  1. I so look forward to your blogs, how you present truths, I have learned much from you dear Mira, “we change when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing” I love all your writings. Bless you.

  2. Wonderful post Mira. We usually get a little nudge from our intuition when something which we may have found valuable eventually wears out its welcome. I too love to analyze my dreams for meanings and guidance. 🙂

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