The Rare Lenticular Clouds Phenomenon

Exquisite! Lenticular cloud formations…thanks, Alk3r!


Lenticular clouds (altocumulus lenticularis) are sky phenomena often interpreted like UFO presences. These particular clouds can be generally seen on the top of the mountains, where different wind streams merge.

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8 thoughts on “The Rare Lenticular Clouds Phenomenon

  1. Wow, amazing photos, Mira! Hope you’re well and happy. I am! Deeply enjoying my Daoist medicine practice, so fulfilling, so interesting, always new and different. It’s a good living. Also becoming a professional public speaker, talking about how Daoist philosophy can improve every area of life, and how Daoist medicine can extend life, improve health, and boost the effects of one’s spiritual practice.

    With love, Karen B


    • Yes, they’re great! I see them a lot over the sacred hill here, Arunachala, and its always a jaw-dropping sight. So happy you are thriving! Follow your bliss works all right…I’m just finishing up my third novel in the Moksha Trilogy – exciting work. Lots of love and stay close…Mira

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