Song of Mahamudra:Tilopa

Brilliant Tilopa:
“Whoever clings to mind sees not
The truth of what’s
Beyond the mind.”
Thanks for a great post, Harsh Luthar!

Cut the root of a tree
And the leaves will wither;
Cut the root of your mind
And Samsara falls.

The light of any lamp
Dispels in a moment
The darkness of long kalpas;
The strong light of the mind
In but a flash will burn
The veil of ignorance.

Whoever clings to mind sees not
The truth of what’s
Beyond the mind.
Whoever strives to practice Dharma
Finds not the truth of
To know what is Beyond both mind and practice,
One should cut cleanly through the root of mind
And stare naked.
One should thus break away
From all distinctions and remain at ease.

-From Tilopa’s ‘The Song of Mahamudra’ (translated by Garma C.C. Chang).

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4 thoughts on “Song of Mahamudra:Tilopa

    • Tilopa was a male guru in Tibet – I think he was the guru of Marpa, known as the Translator, can’t recall precisely. Yes, the way I read it, we use the mind as an instrument to lead us to slaying it. Paradox! This is how I see Ramana’s Direct Path…eventually the mind is burned away with all its vasanas (trace impressions) and only the Self/One remains.

      • Life itself is a paradox! We incarnate into an illusion and then, having forgotten who we truly are, believe it to be the truth of our existence. And yet, if we didn’t forget, we’d say, “To hell with the lessons; let’s have some fun!” Forgetting causes so much strife (e.g., Trump) yet paves the way to enlightenment. Sometimes my mind just wants to go on vacation …

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