PTSD: Is it possible to Forgive and Forget?

Read Janni Styles’ poignant post about the difference between forgiving and forgetting…I agree with her…while forgiveness is essential to lightening our own spirit, it is unwise to give abusers a second chance to inflict damage. However, in the eastern view, or rather my view of the eastern teaching, the highest way to deal with abuse is to destroy the egoic mind itself from the very roots…Ramana Maharshi’s Direct Path (Atma-Vichara) is a powerful path to total freedom from suffering; for me all other tools pale in comparison.


There is a lot of media out there from both organizations and individuals who claim that forgiving is our only way forward once we have endured trauma. The problem I have with this is that I believe you can forgive alright. But forget? Never. If you dare for one minute to let your guard down around certain people who were harmful to you in your past, you leave yourself vulnerable for more hurting. This is always a conflicting statement to me whenever I hear it because forgiving and forgetting aren’t even in the same category  in my world.

Forgiving means you have grown past the pain or abuses well enough to let go of them and stop the daily torment of “why why why” but I personally believe it is completely impossible to forget what happened to us. In forgiving I find nothing more than a sensation of not being…

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4 thoughts on “PTSD: Is it possible to Forgive and Forget?

  1. I agree with your comment Mira. Of course abuse of any kind is really never forgotten. Our military people have to live with the horror seen and done, but they are all scarred internally in some way. To go above the battleground above the ego world and see the truth of who and what we all are is a path to true forgiveness and forgetting.
    Love and Peace

    • Agreed, Antoinette; I am grateful my own angst literally drove me to find answers…which I found in the ancient eastern teachings. Don’t know what would have happened to me otherwise. Super-sensitive humans don’t do well in this world minus powerful mystical teachings to guide us on. Love!

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