The Power of the Closed Door

“When a door closes – especially when multiple doors close at once – it’s a sign to me to get very quiet for a moment. Get very still – and listen. It means your true intended path forward is about to become quite obvious, but you have to be attentive to your surroundings to sense it. See it. Feel it. Sometimes we’re far too busy worrying about the door that closed that we fail to see the door that’s opened before us, beckoning us to walk through.” Read Andrea Smith’s post on the perspective you can choose to cultivate on all those doors closing in your life….they can a very positive sign!!!

The ADS Agency | Marketing and Branding

Why Closed Doors Can BeJust as Thrilling as Opened Ones

I have a real fascination about doors. Not just any door, but the architecturally intriguing doors of old and even the newer, sleek modern doors of tomorrow. When I was in Paris this past Spring, I took a picture of every breathtaking door I came across just because I adored them so much!But what’s more incredible to me than a door’s stunning design is what it represents: opportunity. A new doorway to walk through is intriguing. A new career opportunity. A fresh business. That book we always wanted to write and now we see that path forward to get it done. Who’s inside that door – who will we meet in there? What will we see and what will we learn? If that’s what we want – to explore what’s inside the newly opened door – then shouldn’t a…

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