The Jnani Oath (aka Confessions of a Jnani)

Profoundly beautiful – The Jnani Oath. Whenever my mind is disturbed by some passing event, and all events are passing and considered “unreal” in the Advaitic context (meaning ephemeral and not worthy of more attention than is needed to cross the hurdle so we can get back to the “real” work), I remember my true nature – which is blissful, immortal, loving, wise, fearless and connected to all things. Advaita is Not Two! Thanks for this wonderful post, Ronald!

The Direct Path

Jnani Robert AdamsJnani Robert Adams

Maybe once a month, at Satsang, Robert would have Mary Skene read aloud one of Robert’s own writings. He would ask Mary to read ‘the Jnani’ or ‘The Jnani Oath’. ‘Jnani’ is a title given to an Advaita Master, one who has obtained the knowledge of the absolute Self, the ground of all existence.

Mary started coming to Satsang about a year after I started. She and I stayed the longest with Robert, but she moved to Sedona with him.

The following is the version Mary would read at Satsang, which differs slightly from the version published in Silence of the Heart as ‘Confessions of a Jnani’.

This is from the June 27, 1991 Satsang.

For a Jnani who has realized the identity
of his inner being with the infinite Brahman.
There is no rebirth, no migration, not even liberation.
For he is already liberated.

He is…

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