Addiction and The Power of Letting Go – Guest Post…

Addiction And The Power of Letting Go…terrific post…thank you for sharing, Tina Frisco and Chris Graham…definitely a subject that many humans need to further explore.

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Image is courtesy of Lucie Stastkova

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You’re extremely disgusted with an old habit. You’re ranting. You’re pacing. You’re regurgitating. You’re spent. You pick yourself up from the floor, dry your tears, and swear on your life that this is the last time. You throw away all accouterments, all paraphernalia, all reminders of the loathed and dreaded addiction. You make it through the day with firm resolve. Then you awaken the following morning with an insatiable craving. You recall your commitment and fight doggedly not to give in. You argue with yourself. You become frustrated. The stress grows into a pressing mass in your belly. Then suddenly… a comforting thought: One more day won’t hurt! You acquiesce. You give in. And the roller coaster ride begins…

A teacher once told me that the masters, the avatars, often carry an addiction in order to stay in form — to…

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7 thoughts on “Addiction and The Power of Letting Go – Guest Post…

  1. Dear Mira… Just a personal note of thanks for sending this amazing sharing on addiction. Indeed, we are all addicted to something. It is such an interesting, reassuring thought that even masters can retain an addiction as an anchor to this world. It is also very instructive to know you cannot fight with your addictions, but, rather, we can surmount them by finding a new focus when they urge us to continue with them. I hope you are residing well at your beautiful Arunachala! Love and Light, Dave

    • I’m sure Tina Frisco would be thrilled to read your comment – and I hope she does. Yoga teaches us to never combat our addictions head on but to create opposing but constructive habits that naturally dissolve them – pure wisdom! Lots of love, Dave, and hope you are thriving too!

    • Dear Dave … Your comment is such a validation. I’m not your typical writer. I don’t usually sit down and write for the sake of writing. An idea will land in my mind like a rock falling from the sky, and I’ve no choice but to sit down and write; or stand and write wherever I might be. (I carry pen and paper with me everywhere; and pens and little writing tablets are placed in strategic places around my apartment.) Whatever is meant to be written flows onto the paper, and often I feel there’s a benevolent muse, a bright energy, a force for good working through me. Often I don’t know what I’m about to write or say until it has been written or said. Thus, the validation. The words you used to describe how this article affected you confirm for me the truth I’d hoped infused it. Thank you so much for your insightful comment. It’s a pleasure to meet you here on our dear Mira’s blog. Peace and love to you, my new friend ♥

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