Anger: On Being the Black Sheep

If you are a woman who has been pressured into always being “nice”, no matter what, then read this…and share it too. “For those of us who see through the smoke and mirrors, our job is not to destroy ourselves trying to fit in, or to convince others to see dysfunction, but to band together to remove the veil of illusion from the collective screen.” Thanks for your honesty, wisdom and courage, Juana!!!

Juana Garcia | Writer

​Just written to a friend:

I’ve always been discouraged from showing anger, because “nice” people aren’t supposed to be “angry.” But in the process, I became a doormat, a shell of myself, distrustful of my intuition, and learned to ignore my justified anger.
Until I was raped, I was stuck on trying to be “nice” and didn’t give myself room to be anything but “nice” and “sad,” so all the anger I left unexpressed was turned inwardly, until all I could do was hate myself and be so self-critical, it paralyzed me, a paralysis that still has me in its clutches.

Then when I started reading feminism, started studying dynamics of oppression, started seeing how culturally, women and minorities are silenced and told constantly to deny their truths, I realized my anger was justified. And I realized society had told me I wasn’t allowed to feel or express any of…

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