Grief at Christmas: How about just being Human?

Being human…sometimes hard to cry when we are pressured into putting on those great smiles and joining others in celebrating major holidays. I’m weird in that I never ever enjoyed these holidays…perhaps as a child, for the special treats and gifts,..but not as an adult. I prefer to feel the way I’m feeling regardless of an event. And Jannie Styles points us that we should allow ourselves to feel all our feelings no matter what the occasion…and I second her! That said, happy happy end of year to you all!



Every time a special occasion is pending, a certain birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or another Christmas, I get a feeling in the pit of my stomach about how I will handle it without those loved ones who have already passed on. Christmas is one of the toughest times of year for many of us living with invisible illnesses whether they be mental, emotional or physical.

One of the first feelings to follow that awful “boot to the stomach sensation” is a sense of, well, I guess it is called “shame.” Shame that I can’t just buck up and join in, shame that I need to take time out to have a little cry in the bathroom, shame that while everyone is toasting and cheering and jollying along I fight back the tears and an urge to flee all things overwhelmingly festive.

Why should we be ashamed of having any…

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2 thoughts on “Grief at Christmas: How about just being Human?

    • Same to you, Adele! Tiru is a very HOT place..endless summer…”winter” is brief – a couple of months – but its nothing like the winters I experienced in the West! Love, Mira

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