The Superb Bird-of-Paradise’s Courtship Dance

Sick of politics? I don’t blame you…so here are some superb images of the incredibly lovely Bird of Paradise….thanks, alk3r!


superb-bird-of-paradise-1Photo credit: 

The aptly named “superb bird-of-paradise” is fascinating to behold, especially when it’s performing its courtship dance. In fact, once the male bird opens its plumage, it doesn’t look like a bird at all.

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7 thoughts on “The Superb Bird-of-Paradise’s Courtship Dance

  1. HariOm Mira.. I just want to share some thoughts about the election seeing as you mentioned “politics here.. Once the result dawned on me, I turned to the Course as I often do these in moments of uncertainty. I literally opened the book and my eyes were immediately directed to this statement: “I will forgive, and this will disappear.” Filled with wonder and amazement, I looked further into the Lesson where these words jumped out. It came together when it also said: “Forgive, and you will see this differently.” Miraculous! These words have completely reframed my perception. I was losing hope in our society. I kept thinking hope and compassion have taken a backseat to anger and fear. The message I received was clear. Am I going to give in to those forces of darkness within myself, or, am I going to be a light unto the world? It is our choice what we do with this. I could run away from here, and move to Canada because I have relatives there. But would be standing up for what is right? Who would be able to vote for the next Obama? Not me. So… at this point in relativity, I will choose stay positive. After all, we know the future is an illusion we conjure up in our own minds. There is only ‘now’. May we all discover that ultimate Peace that is not of this egoic world.  Om Namah Sivaaya! Dave  Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    • Wow!!! Looks like GRACE is operating at a high frequency in your life, Dave, and you deserve it, for not ever giving up on Love. Yes, stay on and fight – and I don’t mean with violence. Much love, Mira

  2. How remarkably beautiful and funny and awesome. I kept smiling and was uplifted beholding such a treasure of nature. The photographer equally awesome and inspired. Thanks.

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