Suicide: why won’t people talk about it?!

“Talking about suicide is the only thing that can keep people alive. Shunning them will not. Ignoring them will not. Ridiculing them will not. Abandoning them will not. Shaming them will not. Blaming them will not. Talking in a safe and understanding way is the only thing that can avert or prevent a suicide.” Please read and share Janni Style’s revealing post about a situation few humans care to dwell on – the extreme act of taking one’s life. Adults do it all the time, yes, but when kids/teens resort to suicide, it stuns us all. A while back a psychiatrist in Wash. DC told me that in his professional opinion, almost every human has this urge to extinguish their lives at some point or another…life is hard!!! For all of us!!! And the only way out is to express all those strong toxic emotions that led to this terrible decision…so please, if anyone you know is experiencing this primal urge, encourage them to share deeply…the only way out is through….and then, when old demons and ghosts have been outed and dismissed, the future can become friendly again.


Trigger Warning!

Why does an eleven year old child attempt suicide? Nobody wanted me to talk about it then and I am sure nobody wants me to talk about it now.  Talking about it is something I never should have stopped doing. If we kept talking about suicide instead of trying to shame blame people into silence about the very real threat, I believe many would not be so successful at achieving it.

Think about this: An eleven year old child attempts suicide. What must have been happening to that little girl to drive her to such dire measures? What was she going through that nobody would even try to understand or help fix for her?

Two things were happening that this girl can now share. She had more responsibilities heaped on her than most adults have to cope with and she was being hurt by her parent’s drunken party…

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4 thoughts on “Suicide: why won’t people talk about it?!

  1. Thanks for reblogging this, Mira. I may not have found it otherwise. I’ve seen so much in my tenure as an R.N. Kids wanting to kill themselves was one of the most difficult. Feelings have to be spoken. Otherwise, they control our loves ❤

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