Harry Potter and the American election

I’m reblogging this post because it resonates strongly with my own view – that fiction can be a powerful force for good…thanks for this, Bridget Whelan!


A high-level study has come to the conclusion that Harry Potter fans won’t be voting for Donald Trump today.

The Institute for the Study of Citizens and Politics (a non-partisan research institute at the University of Pennsylvania) have noted that almost from the beginning of the campaign there have been Potteresque overtones. Some Democrats have compared Trump to Lord Voldemort, an idea also embraced by some Republicans. There have been  posters featuring Trump in front of an American flag with a quote from the Dark Lord: There is no good and evil, there is only power, and those too weak to seek it. Chilling in a children’s book, absolutely horrifying on an election poster.

There’s little firm evidence to suggest that fiction can influence politics, especially if the book is not about a political issue, but the Institute argue that the Harry Potter series is in a class of its…

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