Is Social Media making us “meaner”?

Janni Styles makes important points here…there’s something cowardly about those who will hit you with a nasty comment on social media only because they know they won’t have to deal with your response face-to-face…I had some odd experiences with trolls in the early days of blogging, but, cross my fingers, they seem to stay away these days…oh, and I did some research and all the experts said we should simply ignore them. Hard advice sometimes, because the urge to react defensively is strong, but its best to leave these sick critters to their own destructive devices. As for those who are not trolls, but are still nasty, I wonder why they don’t realize that what’s goes around comes around, sooner or later. Thanks for a necessary post, Janni!

9 thoughts on “Is Social Media making us “meaner”?

    • Social media has been a huge learning experience for me, Debby! Never knew some folks could be so sick…one guy used to say the most ghastly things every time I posted something on my Whip FB page…until I blocked him. Creepy. So thank god for beauties like you, and Tina and hundreds of others.

      • Unfortunately, there will always be people with evil in their hearts Mira. We can only ignore or block them, and keep on positive paths with those who come from the school of kindness. ❤

  1. I don’t know if bullies were always there and we never knew until the anonymity of the internet gave them a platform for their darker thoughts, or whether many people think “comment” means criticize, and they don’t know how to disagree without being disagreeable. We never had trolls before, that’s for sure. Don’t these people have LIVES?
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    • I think its a personality type – the bully – and our modern life simply gives them more opps to come out of the closet. I think this IS their life!!! Bullying gives them some sort of sordid pleasure – the only way to deal with them is to ignore them. I had one guy who made nasty comments on my FB Whip of the Wild God Page…and he was clearly very clever too… I blocked him. End of story. These types rarely change.

      • Actually I’ve had a great experience on FB, which I opened up to only under advice from folks who told me an Indie author needed to socialize. Its rare I have a negative experience, and even those teach me a lot. And I’ve met amazing people this way. Om!

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