The Hero’s Journey For Writers

Writing seriously is a hero’s journey all right…in my case, writing helped me find peace via self-expression…but I, who dislike reading straight information, love the concept of weaving gems into fascinating tales that grip the imagination of the reader and leave her with a sense of having grown through the story you have spun out of a million experiences and feelings and lessons learnt, sometimes in the most excruciating way. KRISHNA’S COUNSEL, the second novel in my Moksha Trilogy, was an act of courage…while it is not autobiographical, it expresses all the terror and joy of my own childhood in south India…it is the hero’s journey of Pia, who fights almost insurmountable odds to know that she herself is her own Light, although many angels, some disguised, fly to her aid in the darkest of times…watch this brief video especially if you fear the inner journey….thanks Mathew Winkler!

Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Remember the Hero’s Journey?  Here is another explanation or reminder in visual form.

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2 thoughts on “The Hero’s Journey For Writers

  1. Yes, we are all called to be a hero to ourselves, as well as others, at times in our lives. That “special world” in which our quest takes place is in our minds. We react to our circumstances in life with varying amounts of attraction and repulsion. Experiences can leave us energized; or drained, according to our reactions. When we learn to respond from the core of our Being, we become wiser through our experiences rather than fearful of the outcomes. Om Namah Sivaaya!

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