On Healing Hearts, Souls and Minds

“You are here now.”
“I am here now.”
“We are here now.”
“You are not alone, we are in this life together.”
Read Janni Styles poignant post on her journey towards the light…yes, life can make us bitter, or it can make us better – always our choice. As Gautama Buddha’s first Noble Truth states, mundane life is suffering – but what we make of the ingredients dumped onto our plate is what truly matters.


A friend is currently seeing a psychologist for issues that stem from the way her childhood was virtually robbed from her, only to find herself in a catastrophic medical event in her thirties that further robbed her of many of her hopes and dreams for herself and her once so bright and promising future.

My friend and I share many things, sadly in this case because these things are all less than happy making. Someone recently asked me how I felt about my life and I said, after thinking on it for some time: “Ripped off.” But that’s not really the truth anymore. It is what happened to me, I was ripped off in many ways but I don’t feel torn apart or bitter over it. It just is what it is. Or was what it was. I am here now. We are here now.

My own childhood was brief…

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2 thoughts on “On Healing Hearts, Souls and Minds

  1. Nothing can be done about the past except to release it. Forgive yourself and others for any misdeeds. It is only by letting go that we can heal, and move forward with our lives. If we aren’t happy, we cannot bring happiness to others. “I release the past and let Love heal every area of my life.” -Louise Hay

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