Still I Rise by Maya Angelou

Still I Rise….Maya Angelou…thanks for sharing this gorgeous poem, alk3r!


Maya Angelou, is by far one of the most beautiful, wise and inspiring people I have seen and because I have been admiring her work for so long, today I want to share with you this special poem of hers: “Still I Rise”

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4 thoughts on “Still I Rise by Maya Angelou

  1. Wow! Such raw power! Love it. She is something else! What a gift to touch upon what can only be felt with the artistry of words guided by love’s hand.


  2. This poem symbolizes the very power of the human spirit to overcome all obstacles. Maya Angelou had a truly unique gift, and she used it to portray the journey of all African Americans who had to cope with the extraordinary oppression we know as racism in America.

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