FB_IMG_1472401603075I dashed off this short poem 16 years ago, right after trudging up the mountain, even as snow flakes drifted down to earth. We were heading home, I and the three beautiful American friends with whom I shared a big home with a fantastic view of the mountains. Leopards and bears prowled the area and life could definitely be dangerous!!! I wouldn’t do it again, but I will never regret living on the knife-edge of existence, where my spirit transformed.

David Evans just wrote to tell me that Dharamkot is the current Feature Poem on the Poets International website (link below)…

February 2000/Mira Prabhu

The long steep rocky road from McLeod winds upward
Until we three reach the path
That leads to our snow-bound home in Dharamkot.

Chloe stops to lick the snow
Off tall and silent winter trees;
Eli follows suit, then I too join in.

Three sisters of the heart softly giggling.
Enraptured by the silver stillness of a magical night
As delicate timeless starry formations
Hover not too high above our human heads In a clear Himalayan night sky.

Posted by David Evans http://www.theperegrinemuse.com/PoetsInternational/

Greetings from Arunachala, the sacred mountain imbued with the awesome power to destroy the little self, and so to lead us into the infinite and blissful Self!

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18 thoughts on “DHARAMKOT

  1. Wonderful, Mira. As always, your writing is crystal clear — evocative!

    I had a pang feeling. Yes, I vaguely recall McCleod Gange. The name, at least. I still do have some memories of the 1997 trip to Dharamsala.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing.




    • Fabulous place, yes, that left me with very mixed feelings. As an Indian woman from America pursuing Tibetan Buddhism…ah, that put me in an odd place! Difficult time for me, but looking back, how much I grew! Much love, Paul, glad it resonated with you. (McLeod Ganj was named after a Scottish officer deputed there).

  2. Beautiful. It evoked the images you shared, the Oneness of life, the beauty and holiness of that moment. In spirit I was there.

    • I can still taste the snow flakes that I licked off those leaves, Antoinette…I even have a photo of the four of us together, standing in the snow…thank you for sharing that beauty with me and much love!

  3. Mira, I got chills reading this. I swear I was there with you. I felt the cold, I tasted the snowflakes, I breathed in the chill of the clear night air, I saw the stars winking in the sky, I felt the warm breath of giggles ~ and my heart pounded with delight. The chills are still running through my body. Something is moving inside of me that I’m as yet unable to identify. But it’s good and bright and beautiful. Thank you so much for posting. I will never forget this experience… ❤

    • Thanks! Looking back, that was the start of an incredible journey…I almost died in that house…leopards and bears prowled the area too…what kept me going was a book I was reading – about an English Buddhist nun who lived in a cave in the snow for 13 years – CAVE IN THE SNOW (Tenzin Palmo) – see if you can find it, I think you would love it. Om!

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