Why This American Left His Comfortable Home and Job to Run an Animal Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu

Leaving a comfortable home and job in the US, Leslie Robinson started an animal sanctuary in Tamil Nadu. And he has a new family now – with numerous animals, amazing doctors, and many wonderful people as passionate as him. This is his story of compassion and love.

Around the time he was about to turn 70, Leslie Robinson, an American citizen, decided to go to the Himalayas and start a new life. He came to India and stopped in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, for some time. “My plan was to stay here for about 10 days. Then I wanted to rent a cabin somewhere in the foothills of the Himalayas and spend the last stretch of my life just writing and contemplating,” he says.

But life had other plans. Just a few days before he was about to leave, he heard that the authorities in Tiruvannamalai were going to kill street dogs to control their population in the town.

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11 thoughts on “Why This American Left His Comfortable Home and Job to Run an Animal Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu

  1. This is inspirational and positive, which we all need in this world, always. Bless you for posting this, it uplifted my soul for a while today. I love and trust four legged mammals more than I trust two legged ones. This is beautiful. Blog on, Mira!

      • Reblogged this morning, of course. I’d do the same thing with my life if I could, running a shelter for our four legged brothers and sisters is my dream! Maybe someday. It was wonderful to read about Leslie Robinson actually doing it. Thank you again for this.

    • Thanks for the reblog, Lily – I admire these folks so much – mainly because I have such a low threshhold for emotional (and physical pain) that it would be hard for me to do what they do – so I support them as much as I can via my writing and through donations from friends etc.

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