Tolerance Is a Double-Edged Sword

“Tolerance is a double-edged sword. It can engage and embrace that which serves the advancement of spirit, or it can idle in neutral and accept that which harms all of Mother Earth….” read more of Tina Frisco’s thought-provoking post…in the end, its all about balance and using our inner wisdom to evolve into the finest beings we can be…


Most dictionaries agree that tolerance is the ability or willingness to accept opinions, beliefs, behaviors, and ways of life different from our own, even if we disagree or disapprove of them.

On the surface, that seems an estimable quality, perhaps even exemplary. But tolerance is double-edged. It has a sharp edge and rough edge. Its sharp edge is broad-mindedness. Its rough edge is permissiveness.

Image is courtesy of Lucie StastkovaImage is courtesy of Lucie Stastkova LuSt4ART

What might we expect from the rough edge of tolerance – the indiscriminate acceptance of injustice; violence; abuse; suffering? The answer to this is evidenced somewhat in our global society today, a large element of which is immune to the subtle and progressive infusion of violence; a world hardened and unaffected by behaviors that harm and by the elements employed to inflict it. We’re being brainwashed by a handful of plutocrats who seek to gratify their unquenchable thirst for…

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