Thank you, Sharon Osbourne, you really do rock!

Just last night my sister was telling me about a woman in an emotionally abusive relationship…a strong and independent woman in terms of career but who has put up with personal crap for way too long. Unfortunately she is now in her 70’s and so she does not want to leave her nest, however uncomfortable…she’s fighting back, however, but in ways I consider not too effective – striking back with words when he abuses her verbally in public etc – how does that help either of them, I wondered out loud? Then today I read this amazing post and thought again that the degree of abuse can be as extreme as this – and still women (or men) don’t walk – why? One of the biggest factors is shame. And in trad societies, it is complicated by a host of other factors – ostracism at the far end of the spectrum, because it is still almost always the fault of the woman when things go wrong. Tolle says that when we find ourselves in a bad relationship/situation, there are 3 options open to us: 1) transform the situation, 2) accept it or 3) walk. This is really how simple it is at core – to begin to love ourselves to the point that our freedom and dignity means more to us than anything “other” people can say or do to hurt us….bravo, Sharon Osbourne, for beginning your healing journey, and thank you, Jannie Styles, for sharing this….

7 thoughts on “Thank you, Sharon Osbourne, you really do rock!

  1. I’ve been down that road Mira, and write about in some of my books. There are too many reasons why abuse victims stay too long. It’s sometimes more than just money, or where to go, but the abuse also gets inbred in our psyches, making us believe we are worthless. Thanks for this wonderful share. Love and hugs xo Deb

    • Debbie, I have to read your work too – thing is, and I know this is odd, I don’t buy on the net. Had some bad experiences and today don’t even own a credit card. If I really need something, I ask a friend to get it for me. In some ways I am way retro.

      As for what you say, I believe the only way to break free of the poor self-image that causes so many to stagnate in awful circumstances is to find a genuine spiritual path – to know we are more than our minds and our bodies, that we are eternal indestructible Spirit….or let me say this was how I began to heal myself. Nothing else worked, nothing. Much love, Mira

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