I am no coward, O Krishna,” Arjuna muttered in despair…

14138969_521298861409469_33203630_oAlmost twenty years ago, my Manhattan-based literary agent planted in my consciousness the seed of a contemporary novel—and so began to flower the saga of a brilliant and rebellious Indian girl who grows up in 60s south India, and, against all odds, metamorphoses into a Spiritual Warrior when she is forced to go into mortal combat against a ruthless serial killer.

I wrote Krishna’s Counsel in bits and pieces as I traversed the globe, seeking the perfect womb within which to complete my creative and spiritual work. I put the seal on this second novel in the shadow of the sacred hill Arunachala, symbol of the pure consciousness which is the substratum of our true nature.

Thanks to our impulsive foray into Kindle Scout, you have all heard way too much about this “Mystical Novel of Obsession & Illumination”; if I had the sorcery to turn back the clock, I might have done things differently—and yet, as Lord Krishna himself might inform us with a twinkle in his divine eye, nothing is an accident and all events have far deeper purpose than we can conceive of at the time they happen.

Anyway, Krishna’s Counsel is finally making her international debut…and except for the print edition (POD) which will become available on Amazon.com on SEPTEMBER 3, 2016, all the e-book versions are ready for pre-order. Oh, and for those of you who enjoyed my first novel, Whip of the Wild God: A Novel of Tantra in Ancient India, or would like to read it now, please know that I decided to give her a final polish…and now Whip too is frolicking out in this mad, mad world, garbed in resplendent attire.

14123512_521491614723527_1837894371_o (1)My dream to create THE MOKSHA TRILOGY (three novels with a common theme of enlightenment or moksha) is now two-thirds complete—and for this miracle, I owe much to several beta readers, editors, a host of well-wishers, and to one who wishes to remain anonymous, but without whose constant aid I could not do what I do.

Mishi Bellamy, a brilliant artist and delightful friend, has designed all three covers for the Moksha Trilogy and, yes, they are exquisite! https://miraprabhu.wordpress.com/2014/11/16/a-trilogy-of-light-mishi-bellamy-artiste-extraordinaire/…

Another friend, Atul Mehta, has enthusiastically converted quotes from Krishna’s Counsel into lovely memes….please enjoy the first few of many!

Here are some links I hope you will look into:

Krishna’s Counsel on Amazon.com – getbook.at/KcOnAmzn

Krishna’s Counsel on all eBook stores – books2read.com/mpKC

Whip of the Wild God on Amazon.com – getbook.at/WwgOnAmzn

Whip of the Wild God on all eBook stores – books2read.com/mpWWG

Note: Please do not order a print copy from Amazon.in (Indian site) as there have been some print issues reported.

www.facebook.com/mira.prabhu (personal page)

www.facebook.com/MiraPrabhuWhipOfTheWildGodEtcetera (creative work)

And my blog for lovers of eastern philosophy: miraprabhu.wordpress.com


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10 thoughts on “I am no coward, O Krishna,” Arjuna muttered in despair…

    • Thanks, Harsh! I think you might do what you did before – click on the title again and the REBLOG feature comes up – remember? If that does not work, let me know and I will ask my friend to see whether he can help. Much love and thanks so much!

  1. Just diving into this wonderful book!
    And a hint for those who can’t reblog, go to your dashboards and turn on the ‘press this’ feature in your tools. It will enable you to capture anything off the web. 🙂 Namaste!

    • So happy to hear that, Debbie…as for the reblog hint, you are clearly in another dimension from me! Can you explain how to reblog, after capturing what you need? Do you need to manually put the material on your blog? Sorry I am weak in this area. Love!

      • Mira, here’s a link to a post I wrote quite some time ago about it http://dgkayewriter.com/wordpress-issues-reblogging-feature/ But in answer to your question, here’s what happens: When you ‘press’ an article or blog you’d like to blog about, your WP draft screen will open up as though you’re creating a blog. The link to the page will be go in the draft, then hit ‘save’. It is now in your drafted posts. Go to that post in your dashboard, open it, then at the top sidebar hit ‘preview’. A second screen opens in preview mode, this allows you to click on the link you’ve saved. Now you’ll have 2 tabs opened- your original draft and the page opened that you’re looking at the article from the link. Now you can copy and paste anything from the article, such as a part of the article, photos, and any links you wish to expand on the drafted post. I like to keep both tabs open while I’m forming a reblog from that article so I can jump back and forth between tabs to make sure I’ve got everything I want from that post ie: parts I want to copy, link address to the original blogger to hyperlink their name or blog, and pingbacks. Trust me it sounds complicated but it’s a godsend. Whenever I read an article (such as yours) I wish to reblog, I just capture the link in draft and when I’m ready to do a post, it’s at my fingertips. You will love this for much more than just capturing blogs since you find so many wonderful articles on the web you like to share.
        I hope I’ve been helpful. I’ve taught myself lots of little tricks along this self pubbing journey,lol. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me. ❤

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