Rare Photos That Captured Incredible Moments from History

Rare photos that capture incredible moments from history….and some will make you cry…that’s what they did to me…the very first one, of Dorothy Counts being ridiculed for her color – what is wrong with us as a species? And we’re still stupid and blind in this regard and many others….next time I want to be born in Utopia!!!


6Dorothy Counts – the first Black girl to attend an all White school in the United States – being teased and taunted by her White male peers at Charlotte’s Harry Harding High School, 1957.

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2 thoughts on “Rare Photos That Captured Incredible Moments from History

  1. Mira, I have seen similar memorable photos such as you posted, in a magazine named Popular Photography . This photo was in black and white, with many significant greys, of a tall, undernourished woman, standing tall with a calm, acceptant look on her face. The poor dress she wore was light grey with long thin lines up-and-down also crosswise. Entire books could or have been written that make us weep for the many unfortunate ones, and their different emotional hardships .

    • Yes, volumes! Especially for those of us who are over-empathetic…and yet I still believe that suffering enriches the wise soul – not that we should seek it, but when it comes, accept and allow it to mature us into richer wine. Om!

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