Cee’s B&W: Older than 50 Years

Three ancient stone monuments in Cornwall….what have they seen? God alone knows! And the poetry is stark and beautiful too…thank you, Story Teller’s Abode….I love stories and enjoy spinning them too!

An Enchanted Place

Lanyon Quoit


they stand,

ancient stones

steeped in mystery,


and windblown

on the lonely roadside,


stories of times

long past.

Men Scryfa


carved in stone,

black feathers bathed

in blood,


fallen in battle,





on hands and knees,

scrabbling and



and praying

that aches and pains

are drawn away

by weathered stone

during undignified


This post is for Cee’s Black and White challenge. This week’s theme is older than 50 years. The pictures I’ve chosen to share are of three ancient stone monuments in Cornwall. These are all definitely older than 50 years!

The first picture is the Lanyon Quoit, the most well known of the Cornish quoits due to its position beside the road between Madron and Morvah. It dates back to the Neolithic, though its exact age is unknown. It sits at the northern end of a long barrow, though whether it was ever actually covered in earth is…

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