Eighteen Inches

What saved me from hibernating for too long? Among many things, regular Death Meditation – knowing the end could come at any point in time and that I had no time to waste…..thanks Atul Ranchod~!



No one can give someone their joy.
No one can take someone’s pain.
No amount of money
Can buy one single breath.

And yet we are caught in
So many concepts
That try to define us.
Why is happiness hard wired in us?

This eighteen inch journey
From brain to heart
Is by far the most
Challenging yet.

This potent source
From where the thirst is born,
And from where it can
Finally be quenched.

This is where my heart
Longs to be drenched.
I give myself permission
To dissolve away.

If in the final moments
As this air is whisked away,
There aren’t any words
To say.

What about now?
With no impending doom,
Have I made room
To experience this yet?

Then perhaps in the
Deepest silence,
The ultimate recognition,

I embrace the most vital
Expression granted to a human.
Given with such utter kindness.
Analysis has…

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2 thoughts on “Eighteen Inches

  1. Yes… I go to sleep right in the midst of worldly activity only to be awakened by a personal catastrophe… or a flower… Blessings on the Journey to the Heart!

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