In the Jaws of the Beloved Tiger: By Dr. Evan Keith

My eyes fell on the cover of a book decades ago when I was very young and seeking guidance and I saw a luminous countenance I never forgot…it took me decades to find that face again – that of Ramana Maharshi – and, like the author of this post, I too do not need to look elsewhere again. It is said that the genuine seeker of truth falls into the jaws of the Tiger of Liberation – and once this happens, He will never let us go…read on. Thank you for a wonderful share, Dr. Evan Keith and Harsh Luthar!


I do not know when I first learned of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. I know that at most he was little more than a name to me before my eighteenth birthday and only in the last year has he become of central importance to me. In fact, now I think of Bhagavan as my Guru. Bhagavan never did formal initiation of anyone as a devotee and never even referred to anyone as being or not being his devotee. Nevertheless, he sometimes mentioned that most people needed a guru to overcome their ancient tendencies and “realize” the Self. Sometimes Bhagavan would allude to the Self, itself, or in particular the mountain Arunachala as having been his Guru. In this respect, Bhagavan Ramana is my Sadguru and I am His devotee.

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2 thoughts on “In the Jaws of the Beloved Tiger: By Dr. Evan Keith

  1. Hi Mira     Another wonderfully honest account of your search for Truth. You have certainly been fixed on establishing a relationship with the Divine most of your life. I admire the fact that you have pursued; and accomplished, many goals in this world as well. We all come into this world in a state of separation. Some of us have a strong memory of our union with God in our hearts. I have that memory myself. It is the mind and the ego that keep me hypnotized with the distractions of the material world. Frankly, I have gotten so depressed about my life at times, I have given up the ‘search’. Somehow; some way; the Spirit within keeps me going. I feel like I, too, have found the Teaching for me at this phase of my development. It is very life affirming to have the Guidance we need, isn’t it?    Based on your account, I just have to ask you what your experience was with Swami Satchidananda. Would you be brutally honest with me? Because I have a feeling the “fraud” you might have been referring to could be him. Rest assured that your answer will be appreciated for what it is. There was quite a brouhaha in the late 80’s about Swamiji regarding sexual indiscretions. It drove some away from him. Parames and I were consumed at the time with work and raising a young family so we did not take the allegations that seriously. I also feel that without Swamiji’s presence in our lives we may never have gotten married in the first place. That said, I offered the allegations to God in my own way, and moved on with life. We continued to be devotees until he left the body in 2002.     Following his passing, I concluded: “No more gurus for me.” That does not mean I dropped my search; nor my connection with Swamiji. I will always appreciate the things he taught me about life, and the ecumenical spirit in which he framed them. To me, he is truly a Jaghat Guru. He shared a powerful teaching of world unity during his time on Earth. However, that does not mean he was perfect. I am aware he left family life after the death of his wife to pursue spiritual enlightenment. I recall one of his sons coming to Yogaville for a visit. Please know that I am not asking you to go against your conscience, or, that your response will in any way affect the respect I hold for Swamiji. If what he is attributed to have done with some female devotees is indeed true from your perspective, my mind would like to know to put to rest my curiosity forever.  I respect your opinion greatly. I have been reminded many times that we are ALL divine beings having a human experience. If Swamiji gave in to small mindedness, it would certainly affect my esteem for him, but it will never affect my respect for what he taught. Perhaps he needs our prayers of forgiveness as well as anyone else.                                                                                       In the Light, Dave

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