Joan Didion Talks About Female Writers

Joan Didion on female writers and more: “But this whole question of sexual identity is very tricky. If I were to read, cold, something by Anaïs Nin, I would probably say that it was written by a man trying to write as a woman. I feel the same way about Colette, and yet both those women are generally regarded as intensely “feminine” writers. I don’t seem to recognize “feminine.” On the other hand, Victory seems to me a profoundly female novel. So does Nostromo, so does The Secret Agent.” Read on!

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I’ve said this many times, but I love The Paris Review “Art of Fiction” interviews. They really are a fascinating look at famous authors.

The interviewer always manages to get these writers to open up about their craft, and even their personal life to some extent.

Joan Didion’s feature on The Paris Review was no exception. She talked about a variety of subjects, including female writers. 

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