The Fascinating Saga of Scheherazade, by Peter Malakoff

I met Peter Malakoff recently, here in the mysterious shadows of Arunachala, and was amazed by his rich and rare gift for story-telling.

Peter describes himself as a Religious Studies Scholar, Poet, Storyteller, Ayurvedic Consultant, Ghee Maker, Teacher and Woodworker. In 2011, he left the United States to live in India, a country whose stories he had loved since childhood. As Peter says, these ancient tales carry the Wisdom of the oldest, still-living culture on earth and are the vehicles that have brought its teachings to its generations for eons.

Here is his superb retelling of the tale of Scheherazade, a harem Princess who staved off her own death for a thousand and one starry nights with her own magical gift for spinning a saga; in this way, Scheherazade saved not just her own life from a monarch embittered by the betrayal of a lover, but also the lives of her harem sisters. By her act of creative bravery, her loveliness, determination and angelic spirit, Scheherazade resurrected her monarch’s dying spirit. He fell deeply in love with her and made her his Queen; gradually, with this united couple at the helm, a realm devastated by the punishing darkness of a royal heart that had lost its ability to feel, rose to an even greater glory.

Please watch this glorious piece and leave a comment for Peter, so he knows that you enjoyed it, as I am absolutely sure you will! (Oh, and by the way, check out his website if you care to:, as well as his blog:

And now for Scheherazade, click on this link:

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7 thoughts on “The Fascinating Saga of Scheherazade, by Peter Malakoff

  1. Thank you, Mira, for sharing Peter’s Scheherazade. It is an exquisite tale that I had never delved into before. Here’s to a prosperous New Year in body, soul, and spirit!

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